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Sep 19, 2013 07:38 AM

Killarney dinner

Just need a few restaurant options to choose from as we'll only be there one night. Mid-range in price, native cuisine. A good nearby pub for an after dinner pint would be great too!

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  1. This thread might help.

    Look for a pub doing Irish music... really is enjoyable in Killarney.

    1. The Grand is a pub/club (pub with acoustic music at the front, more of a nightclub at the back) with nightly live music starting at 9 pm. I don't have any recs for Irish food in Killarney, as I ended up having Chinese food for dinner at Golden Chopsticks, which was quite good.The server had recommended the sea bass with a spicy sauce, which was unlike any other I've tried, and very good. We also ordered the hot and sour soup, aromatic duck, chicken with General sauce, seafood hot pot (not the soupy type), spring rolls and scallops with black bean sauce.

      1. There are pubs everywhere in Killarney. Can't say the food is any good though. I had dinner at Gaby's, a highly touted seafood restaurant that was only so so in my estimation.