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Sep 19, 2013 07:30 AM

Trading Post (South Street Seaport) anyone been?

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  1. SO and I have both been for dinner now, though not together :)

    The TP is also open for lunch.

    Atmosphere is darker and clubby. Has a steakhouse feel. More formal than my other neighborhood favorites, Acqua (Italian) and Les Halles. I have only dined in the bar area.

    SO had a burger, salad and sat in the bar area (large with tables around the perimeter). He liked it. I'll try to get more details and report back.

    I went and had the flat bread pizza. It's been awhile since I went. I think I had the spicy shrimp flat bread with tomatillo, avocado and cilantro. I like it spicy and this was subtle. Think spicy for the masses.

    I had a a brussel sprouts side. Very good. Large. I took most home. Probably would not order again since I make them at home all the time.

    I was getting full but wanted to taste something else. I ordered the duck papparadelle, forest mushrooms, hen's egg. Liked the flavor. Good, not great. Probably would not order again.

    The flat breads were really good.

    Now we have another option besides Acqua and Les Halles when we don't want to head to Chinatown/EV/Brooklyn or over to TriBeCa.

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      SO went again recently. Had a burger.

      Another time he ordered the duck papparadelle and didn't care for it.

      Anyone else been recently? Suggestions? Avoids?

      1. re: financialdistrictresident

        Salmon omelet, crab cake. Okay. Service seemed to take long (45 min.) and the place didn't appear crowded. SO would go back. Typically orders a burger which they do well.

        Any other suggestions in same locale? The Trading Post, Acqua, Il Brigante, Les Halles lunch rotation needs something new . . .

        North End Grill would be perfect if it wasn't in Battery Park City. Too far West.

        1. re: financialdistrictresident

          Have you tried Teri? I love the portabello pesto sandwich at their chelsea location, and the ceasar salad is very good. Very casual, not a real "restaurant" per se, but good for lunches.

          1. re: Ttrockwood

            Yes. Enjoyed my salad and soup. Very fresh. Agree good for a casual lunch.
            Next time I return will try the sandwich you suggest.

    2. I went recently for lunch with a friend.

      We shared the mixed green salad. I'm not a big radish person but it was good.

      She had the black angus burger with fries. It was cooked as ordered. They forgot the cheese, our server corrected her order. She was happy with her burger.

      I had the barbecue chicken club with avocado, beefsteak tomato, maple bacon. House made potato chips. The chicken was cooked properly. I appreciate they accomodated my no bacon request. The tomatoes were sad, Winter ones (not beefsteak!). I could barely see the avocado (this was a $14 sandwich). The potato chips were very good. I would not order this sandwich again.

      Bread service is good. Nice selection.

      Our server was excellent.

      Still working my way through the menu. So far my favorite item has been the flatbread on their Bar Bites and Boards menu.

      1. Any recent reviews or recommendations?