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Sep 19, 2013 07:09 AM

Finalising My Oct Trip - your views advice appreciated.

Am getting down to the final tweaks now and am very excited. I posted a while back about Root and had very helpful replies. One of the respondants - TedyB -helped me in that in New Orleans I want to get my fix of New Orleans food. Coming from London we have fantastic restaurants - but we don't have Cajun and Creole restauraunts.

So I've come up with the following. In the past when we've been in NO we've pretty much stuck to the FQ - and I make no apologies for this - I LOVE IT! But this time we want to see more of NO and try different areas adn in only 3 days. My loves are drink food and music - so New Orleans is heaven for me!

So here goes:

Sat: Arrive late afternoon
Drinks in FQ
Brigstens or Jaques Imo for dinner (I'd prefer something lively and buzzy - Jaques?)
Maple Leaf
Freret St (Cure) for cocktails

Bloody Mary!! (Columns perhaps)
Garden District walk
Commanders Palace Brunch (this is absolutely unmoveable!)
Frenchman St for music/cocktails
3 Muses for late snack

City Tour
Advice here for a light lunch - gumbo perhaps - in FQ or anywhere near WW2 museum.
Cochon for dinner (any recommendations for drinks around Cochon)

Stanley for breakfast (its near hotel).

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  1. On your Saturday list I would skip Jaques Imo as I think it is over hyped and overpriced for average food. Brigstens is outstanding, but not really buzzy. Try Boucherie which is nearby Oak Street. Also, it is going to be hard to hit maple leaf for music at least and then hit Cure as shows at the maple leaf don't start until 11:00 p.m.

    On Monday I would say Cochon Butcher normally, but with you going to Cochon that night it might be overkill although they are different. Try Peche or even American Sector at the WWII museum.

    1. Saturday: take the St. Charles Avenue street car for a ride, stop off at The Columns for a drink and then re-board for drinks at Oak, first block of Oak Street and then walk down to Jacques Imos for dinner, music at Maple Leaf and take a cab home.

      Monday: Mr. B's for Gumbo YaYa and a crab cake.

      Tuesday: not a fan of Stanley, would check out EAT at Dauphine and Dumaine. It is BYOL, so make a big Zing Zang Bloody and walk on over for breakfast.

      Looks like they do not open until 11 AM on Tuesday. If you need an earlier breakfast, try the Coffee Pot next to Pat O'Briens.

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      1. re: TaTee

        Could you elaborate on your dislike of Stanley and like of EAT for breakfast? I'm considering those places for our trip in a couple weeks. Thanks!

        1. re: mwest9

          I'm not TaTee, but I agree with the rec of EAT over Stanley. I don't think that the latter is bad, but it's totally unmemorable. Seriously. I can't recall what I had there, even with the menu as an aide-memoire. The food at EAT was better and a bit more unique, with more choices on the menu, and our servers were nice (albeit quirkier).

          1. re: gort

            Thanks, I appreciate that info!

          2. re: mwest9

            When I asked for two eggs sunny side, I was told (with a grimace) that the kitchen prefers to serve scrambled eggs, but they could do it for an upcharge. I think they get everything pre-packaged and my request was going to put a kink in the kitchen. IMHO, A bit on the touristy side and short on customer appreciation.
            I have found that the folks at EAT will do whatever they can to accommodate your wishes.

            1. re: TaTee


              We have only dined at Stanley three times. In each case (one was me solo), we must have ordered what they wanted to serve, as there were no issues - still, we did not deviate too much from the printed menu.

              While I have read of service issues, we have never had any there, but again, we might have just towed the party line?

              Sorry to read of that, as it should NOT be an issue.



          3. re: TaTee

            Streetcar stops at Jefferson right now due to construction. Have to get off, board bus, then get on again at carrollton. Not hard, but just a pain. Get drinks at Sylvain in the FQ and lunch at Peche or Root.

          4. Try the barbecue oysters at the redfish grill outstanding. Bourbon House across the street has the best go cup in the city I speak of the great frozen bourbon milk punch.

            1. Thank you all for your replies. V helpful

              1. Hmm, you might consider adding:
                --lunch at Casamento's for a few dozen raw oysters, a fried oyster loaf, and/or a fried softshell crab sandwich. I'm not a fan of Jacques-Imos, so I'd easily pick Casamento's over it. Closed on Sunday/Monday.
                It's old-fashioned, straightforward, and delicious. Not curated, contrived, or the product of PR. Bonus is that you can walk through the (minimal) kitchen on your way to the restroom, seeing firsthand your oysters frying in lard in black iron skillets.