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best whole grilled fish

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I love simple whole grilled fish. But I don't often find a good one. thoughts on the best in the city?

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  1. What kind of fish do you like the best?

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      I like snapper, sea bass. not so excited by branzino

    2. Don't know if it's the best in the city but whole fish at Mermaid Inn on Amsterdam and 87th is very good!

      1. I am obsessed with the grilled turbot with salsa verde at Montmartre. If I don't have it once a week I just don't feel right....

        Ammos and Kellari also have good simple grilled whole fish. (head on, of course)

        Milos is amazing but pricey.

        1. Try Boukies in the East Village

          1. Momofuku Ssam has had whole porgy the past couple of times I've been there. It's delicious.

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              The porgy at Ma Peche was pretty amazing.
              For simple grilled fish, Robataya does a good job.

            2. Mary' Fish Camp makes amazing grilled fish as does Barbounia

              1. Il Pesce at Eataly is pretty good. I also remember this write-up on Grubstreet about the branzino al forno.


                1. Ithaka on East 86th between 2nd/1st has very fresh whole grilled fish everyday. I never had a bad meal there. I think they do very good Greek and more people should try it. It sort of doesn't get much attention. Lots of other great meal choices as well.

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                    Second Ithaka.

                    We like Ithaka for traditional Greek dishes (kleftiko), live Greek music (Serafim Lazos). SO likes it better than me. I first discovered Ithaka in their previous location.

                    For whole, grilled fish we also like Periyali (West 20th), Pylos


                    We head to Astoria whenever we can (see Outer Boroughs Board).

                    OP isn't "so excited" about branzino which is Meditteranean sea bass and often available at Greek restaurants. We enjoy branzino.

                    Not so keen on Ethos, Kellari. . .midtown. Been to both some time ago. Expensive for what they are.

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                        Interesting, I was totally unimpressed with Ithaka, and thought it overpriced, while I am a fan of Kellari, but most of all Greek places in Astoria for the best fish.

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                          Haven't had the whole grilled fish at Ithaka but the rest of the food is overpriced and underwhleming. I am second generation Greek for what it is worht

                    1. Ethos makes an amazing whole grilled fish. Most of the better Greek restaurants know how to grill a fish.

                      1. Had the whole grilled black bass at Khe-Yo not long ago. Good albeit not life-changing, if you're looking for a departure from Greek.

                        1. Taverna Kyclades is now open on 14th and 1st - great simple, grilled fish - as good as the original in Astoria.

                          1. Taksim or Sip Sak - 2nd Avenue at 55
                            th or 49th.

                            1. I had a very good whole grilled pampano at Il Pesce in Eataly. Picking through and sucking at the pieces of the fishes' head was the highlight.

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                                Pompano is among the best. Hog fish, also. Both are fairly hard to find.