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Sep 18, 2013 09:00 PM

NEW: SP2 report in Downtown San Jose

Tried out SP2 restaurant in Downtown SJ next to San Pedro Market backyard. Not very easy to find, it's on N. Almaden Ave, not the other street.

They got Happy Hr Every Day from 3-7pm! Small plates of food for $5 ea!
Options are:
mini pizza
bbq wings
truffle fries
chicken waffle
spiced ahi
warm olives
roasted cauliflower

We tried:
mini pizza - small plate of cheese pizza with some basil on it. Red pepper flakes on the side. I liked it ok, not that tasty though.

Seared ahi tun - small plate, with hearts of palm & radiches. I liked it fine. Got it without chips which I saw on Yelp.

Roasted cauliflower - tasty enough, friend really liked the crisp/fried rosemary with the dish.

Mini ribs only 3 for $5 - was pretty dry, sauce was sweet & sticky. Meh.

Bread pudding regular price $8, no HH deal. Small portion of the bread pudding - carmelized top was good, bread pudding part was ok, sauce didn't like.

B. got a Half chicken w/ brussel sprouts on dinner menu $15 - he liked it fine.

He got 1 HH beer bottle for $3.

Our total before tip $50.03 but it feed 3 & the atmosphere is nice. Kinda like a nice casual place you would find in SF, but it's in SJ!

Patio outside out in front for dining/gathering. Looks nice.

Lunch M-F 11:30-3
Dinner Sun-Th 5-10; Fri & Sat 5-11
Brunch Sat-Sun 11-3

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  1. Thanks so much for the report! I visited after robertee mentioned it, but was too lazy to write it up, so all credit to you :-) I've put my little review of their burger in the DotM thread.


    72 N. Almaden Ave, San Jose 95110