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Sep 18, 2013 08:56 PM

Doing Breakfast at Reading Market, Lunch in Conshohocken, & Dinner in King of Prussia, Any Rec's would be great Thanks.

I'm taking a short trip to the Philly area this weekend. My family and I are planning to spend the morning in the city and will probably stop by the Reading Market for breakfast. Both my wife and daughter have a huge sweet tooth, cinnamon buns, brownies, cookies, etc. I'm more into egg sandwiches, but baked goods & good coffee works as well.
During the afternoon, they have an appointment in Conshohocken for a few hours. I could use a good lunch place for solo dining, being able to watch College football is a plus but not necessary. Looking for good Pub Food, Pizza, sandwiches; that sort of thing, nothing fancy, just tasty.

Lastly, we are staying in King of Prussia near the mall Saturday Night, any good kid friendly restaurant that isn't a chain would also be much appreciated.
Thanks a lot.

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  1. K of P is pretty much a food wasteland. If you have a car, there's a decent chinese restaurant (R & Z's PingPong) in the Gateway shopping center about 3 miles south of the mall. On the other side of 202 (also south about 3 miles) is a McKenzie's brew pub. North on 202 about 3 miles is Zachary's barbecue in Norristown. More for takeout than dining in but its pretty good.

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      Breakfast Dutch Eating Place in Reading Terminal. In conshohocken Baggataway Tavern has good sandwiches and TVA to watch sports. Owned by former Cornell lax players. One other suggestion just outside of KoP is Dolce Vita, a family friendly Italian ByO in Bridgeport. Five minutes from the KoP mall.

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        I'd head to Radnor/Wayne for dinner. And for lunch. Teresa's Next Door had pretty good bar food and TVs and is a ten minute drive from Conshy. For dinner you could go next door to Teresa's for Italian or head over to The Silver Spoon for something a bit more upscale.

        And while it won't knock you on your ear, another dinner option could be The White Dog Cafe, also in Wayne. Again, Wayne/Radnor is only minutes from KoP and keeps you from going the chain route.

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          + 1 on the White Dog, interesting menu options usually executed nicely and being overlooked by various wall hangings of man's best friend. Three to four quite different rooms with a patio for al fresco and no dogs, not sure if guest dogs are allowed on the patio but that would probably not be a concern of yours.

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          Thanks for all of your help, Tacos followed by the bar sounds good, appreciate it.

      2. There's a great tacqueria in Conshohocken, El Limon. I can't see spending a few hours there, but you may want to have lunch there and then head to a bar afterwards for beer and football.

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          El Limon is very good. It's within walking distance to Baggattaway (across the bridge). There are two bars just up the street from El Limon , which are not very good. Great American Pub and Flannigan's Boathouse.

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            Unless a lot has changed, I would do Great American over Boathouse. The food is slightly better bordering on good, depending what you order.

            Even better would be Pepperoncini which will allow you to watch the game at the bar. Unless it has gone way downhill since I lived there, it's the best option in Conshy.


        2. Perfect for your needs for lunch would be the Gypsy Saloon in Conshy with TV sets to boot.

          As for a dinner with the kids in K of P that isn't a chain, when you find one, please let me in on it.
          Just about everything there is a chain of some sort.
          The closest to a non-chain would be Ralph's South Philly Italian restaurant in the Sheraton Hotel. Which is halfway decent.
          You might want to consider leaving the area and going back to Conshy (which is not really all that far away) and going to Southern Cross which is a comfort foods place Southern style.
          Look at this menu!
          Bon appetit.

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            +1 on the Dutch Eating Place in Reading Terminal. Specifically get the pancakes. The apple dumplings there are good to.

            After breakfast you could get a soft pretzel from Miller's Twist, or a donut from Beiler's Donuts or a sticky bun from Beiler's Bakery. The cookies at Fourth Street are good as are the cannoli at Termini's and the chocolate peanut butter pretzels from Mueller's.

          2. There is one Non-Chain restaurant in KOP. Pepper's on Town Center Road. I would post a link to the Web page, but it is one of the most egregious examples of a restaurant page. Impossible to get to the important stuff like the menu. Lots of flashy music and "PIZAZZ." (I wish restaurants would understand how annoying this is.

            Anyway, for basic Italian American, I actually thought the food was okay.

            1. Bar Lucca in Conshocken has very good food and you could watch college football.