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Sep 18, 2013 08:28 PM

Fog City, SF reopens Mon 9/23/13 for dinner

Fog City opens for dinner Mon 9/23/13, lunch eventually. Frozen custard for dessert - hope someone will try it!

SF Station write-up:

Fog City
1300 Battery St, SF

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  1. Thta's good news indeed. I have a soft spot for the old place. Wonder what the new incarnation's going to be like?

    1. What's different and is it under new ownership? Any idea what the menu will look like?

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          It sounds good at least; does anyone know who's running the kitchen or why it closed down to begin with? Have there been any renovations (I hope not!) and is it under completely new ownership? The menus look similar in design though the food seems a bit more refined. It's hard to go wrong with fresh fish and meat and the location and setting are unbeatable so I'm looking forward to trying it out!

      1. Bruce Hill is running the kitchen. Saw it last night from across the street. looks totally different. I can't wait to give it a try!

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            They wouldn't allow you to order from the full menu at the bar (very likely a temporary thing), so I just had a burger, which was good.

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              Just made me laugh when I remembered that I used to head over to Fog City Diner for the burger after working out at the Bay Club . . . a bit counterproductive. Here's a direct link to your post,

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                I certainly saw some Bay Club veterans there tonight as well as people from the nearby TV stations. And of course, people wearing various forms of America's Cup gear.

          2. A couple of more thoughts now that I've been there a few times:

            1. Overpriced, but so was the old place back in the 90s. Nostalgia buffs longing for the old place may take solace in the continuity in that respect.

            2. The beef tongue dish complemented by mushrooms worked really well. Loved it. $17 well spent.

            3. French fries -- quite good. But 6 bucks?

            4. Pickled shrimp. For $17, a very light dish for good or bad.

            5. Ribeye. OK for the money, but that's about it.

            6. Burger. Decent combination of condiments and bun, but not a place to go if you are into a serious patty. At $14 without fries, this dish does a great job of convincing people that the new place is every bit as overpriced as the old one. Very comforting should you have a bout of pricing nostalgia.

            7. Service is very good in the sense that they obviously hired very good people. Must have been considered a reasonably hot opening in order to attract that kind of talent. There are very real timing issues with the kitchen, but it's a restaurant in its second week of existence, so what would you expect?

            8. Supposedly, they will start serving the full menu at the bar tomorrow.

            9. Looks like it will be a hit given that it's already packing people in.

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              About the remodel... does it really look like the Pacifica Taco Bell from the outside?