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Sep 18, 2013 08:11 PM

Ethiopian restaurants..newbie-what to order?

First time trying Ethiopian food and will likely be going to Nunu, Pero, or Addis Ababa.
What should I order? What are the best dishes?

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  1. can't comment on your location, but have had plenty of great Ethiopian in other cities. at a new place I usually ask the staff or get the sampler to give me an idea and sense if I want to come back. personally I don't care for too much, injera (the sponge bread - makes me gassy) a little sure and I have no hesitancy to ask for a fork when I've had enough.

    personally my favorite dish which I use as sort of a barometer anywhere is kitfo - essentially a spicy steak tartare. if they can't get that right, there's little hope for the rest.

    1. My advice will work for most places. Ask the server. But let them know you're not familiar with the cuisine and are looking for an array of what's available. We ended up with a platter and a beef and chili (Yeawaze Tibs) dish that was fantastic.

      Don't forget coffee as well. It's quite the experience.

      Good luck. We were very pleasantly surprised at how much we loved our meal.


      1. They usually have a combo platter for two.

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          I highly recommend getting the mush on sponge bread

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            Mmmmm mush on sponge bread aaaaaaauuuuuuggggghhhhhh