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Sep 18, 2013 05:09 PM

Baltimore and DC info

Baltimore Friday, DC Saturday and Sunday.
Best burgers-glam burgers not "5 guys"
Best steakhouse-DC
Best wine bar-both
Best hotel dining-both

Any honorable mentions appreciated

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  1. Wine bar- The Iron bridge Wine Company in Columbia. Selection is great and food is fabulous.

    1. In DC - Burgers - Palena Cafe, Central, or believe it or not Dino.

      Wine Bar - Cork, 1720 14th S. NW, Vinoteca 1940 11th St. NW, or Proof 775 G St. NW (definitely one of the best wine lists too)

      Steak house - subjective. Prime Rib is my favorite for a mix of great steak and that old time "Mad Men" feel. There is one in both Baltimore and in DC. Ray's the Steaks is great for a no frills, great steak, but it is in Arlington.,

      Hotel dining - Plume in the Jefferson Hotel (very expensive), CityZen in the Mandarin Oriental, or the Blue Duck Tavern in the Park Hyatt.