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Sep 18, 2013 03:43 PM

Arroyo (Tlalpan)

Is it worth a visit (and a trip from the city center?) My other half has fond memories of the place from 1980-something, but it seems like it has turned into an overpriced overcrowded place. If the food is really good (and we may have a ride down there), I can put up with the rest. Thoughts? It is the biggest restaurant in the world, no?

If the consensus is no, excellent suggestions for the same type of food (traditional, barbacoa, etc.) more centrally located are appreciated.

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  1. A food-knowledgeable friend who has lived her entire life in the DF says it continues to be a do-not-miss experience. She's said a million times that we have to go--and that she wants to take us--but we haven't gone yet.

    Want to make a CH trip to Arroyo?


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      A friend and his wife made the trek via underground, bus and finally taxi a few years back. They really enjoyed it an said it was well worth traversing Mexico City to experience it. (They were saying near the US Embassy)

      Take your friend up on her offer and then report back :-D

    2. I haven't been to Arroyo, but we had first rate barbacoa at El Hidalguense, on Calle Campeche, Colonia Roma Sur. It's only open Fri, Sat and Sun, IIRC.
      It's a few blocks west of the Mercado Medellín, which is worth a visit.