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Sep 18, 2013 03:17 PM


Hi - I will be traveling from Lisbon to Sevilla in a few weeks via public transport. My idea was to take an early high speed train from Lisbon to Faro, explore Faro and have a nice long lunch somewhere before catching the 6pm bus to Sevilla. I did some cursory research online, but would appreciate any first-hand recommendations! Near the bus/train station would be preferable, but we can take a cab if needed for better cuisine. Thanks!

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  1. In Faro "town" the gastronomic choice is rather limited... Not far from the station, on the docks, the "Faro e Benfica" restaurant has good quality fish and shellfish, a nice view, basic service and a limited (good) wine list.

    The restaurant on the top floor of the "Hotel Faro", in the centre by the marina is interesting, with a nice menu, a nice ambience and a good chef. A good wine list too.

    The nearest "special" place, "O Costa" is on the Ilha de Faro (Faro Island), near the airport, a 7km taxi ride, and IMHO not really worth the detour in your case. But it depends what you are looking for...

    Enjoy your short visit to the Algarve

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