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Best braised short ribs in central NJ

I would prefer to stay in NJ rather than go into NYC for short ribs. Does anyone have any suggestions for braised short ribs?
Thank you

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  1. Cool topic! I am subscribing...

    Normally the places I go to have them on special. I don't recall a "go to" short rib dish that is a regular menu item, but let me think about it.

    The best one used to be Neils in Highlands. They had these monster WHOLE ribs that were outrageous but that place went under with Sandy....dinosaur style cut ribs.

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      Bay Ave Trattoria had a short rib dish that I've since recreated in my own kitchen (even including the onions agrodolce and garlic smashed potato sides). They also succumbed to Sandy before the untimely loss of Joe the proprietor.

      I'd place Dish in Red Bank as a runner up in this category but it seems to have been getting spotty reviews in recent times...

    2. Bay Avenue Trattoria was my favorite but that is sadly no longer an option. Belford Bistro is really good, not sure if they are on the regular menu or if i had them as a special.

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        For those of you who commented that your current favorite is Drew's, I believe that he spent a few years in Joe Romanowski's kitchen and 'mentored' under him.

        That apple doesn't fall too far from the tree (a stretch yet appropriate here)

      2. Drew's Bayshore Bistro makes the best followed by Belford Bistro and then Dish.

        1. Ninety Acres at Natirar!!!
          Enjoyed them last fall and winter on a couple occasions featuring local sourced beef and their own garden root vegetables. Exceptional

          Served with a porcini mushroom 'gravy' that was worth the price of admission. Paired with a Helen Turley Zinfandel both times that was a sublime match.

          We haven't been back in months but look forward to celebrating a birthday dinner there in a few weeks. Hoping to find the short ribs within their seasonal menu again..

          1. Taka in Asbury Park makes exceptional short ribs....

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              Not an expert on short ribs but I agree the one at Taka is quite good.

              1. The shortribs I had at Sublime in Peapack were excellent. Great craft beers available too!

                1. Elements in Princeton...the best

                  1. I just hit Drews last night and got the short rib dish. Man, this is a good one! You will definitely be impressed with this one.

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                    1. re: corvette johnny

                      Been trying to get into this place for a bit. Tough to get reservations on a Saturday night. Want to go specifically for the short ribs and shrimp and grits.

                      1. re: Rigmaster

                        Rigmaster, yes it is kind of frustrating how they do business now. I would recommend reservations.

                        I walked in on a monday night at 8:30 with my wife. There are 5 or 6 open small tables (not including big tables)

                        They ask if I have reservations and I say no. Then the hostess says "ok let me check on that." Seriously? She knows there are no more reservations left for the night but she is just programmed to ask that question and make it seem like the place is that high in demand when I clearly know they aren't filling up 6 tables late on a monday night. I really don't feel like waiting 2 minutes while you check with someone while the place is half empty.

                        Anyway, good food but the whole reservation thing kind of irks me. Granted the girl was probably 18 or so but she know better and just seat people, not put up a front about how busy it is when it really isn't.

                    2. We just had fantastic short ribs at Moonstruck in Asbury Park.

                      1. Belford Bistro is amazing.

                        1. I can't vouch for these personally, but I saw this on my Facebook page and it made me think of this thread. If anyone tries them let us know what you think.


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                            the picture looks good at least LOL

                            I am sure they will be just OK like most other things there...not great but not bad. I must say, there Mac and cheese on the bar menu is spot on. They definitely got that right.

                            1. re: corvette johnny

                              Since I didn't like any of the suggestions on this page, I decided to make them myself Sat. night. I was very happy with the results!

                              1. re: jrvedivici

                                Nice! nothing like a tender beef rib.

                                I know you are not really a BYOB guy but the short ribs at drews are pretty good. I'd recommend giving them a shot one day if there.

                                1. re: corvette johnny

                                  We so loved the 'King' of Short Ribs plating - everyone else followed Joe in this incestuous community of chefs in putting it onto their menus - and there's nothing wrong with that.

                                  Not being able to get to Joe's as much as we would have liked (yet still dined there well over 50-60x over the years), my bride was coaxed into putting this dish together (with a little bit of my help) and she's done so with some credible results - though nothing will ever match that total plate that he would deal out every night with his root vegetables, leek or horseradish mashed potatoes or whatever he conjured up with what was available via the calendar.

                                  Johnny, ask Drew where his original 'touch' on this dish first occured. If I was looking for short ribs, I'd probably opt for Drew's (though I prefer the other menu items more) and second, Belford Bistro (though their plating isn't anywhere near hearty enough ----- though ask Carol or her sister who are now serving there and who for years were the 'gatekeepers' at Romanowski's.

                                  And so it goes......

                                  All it takes is that crock pot and good cuts of short ribs. And leave the beer outta the pot. That's best left for the cook. ;-)

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                                    Cobbled this recipe together shortly after having a plate at BAT, the main difference being that I eventually started deboning the ribs...

                                    Wine braised Shortribs


                                    1. re: equal_Mark

                                      Thanks very much Mark. I'm going to prepare this the next time to a 't' of your directions.

                                      1. re: JustJake

                                        I have also taken the step mentioned below by Seal to let chill overnight to remove fat. Generally I'll separate the braising liquid & ribs to cool and then recombine to heat & serve after removing the solidified fat.

                                  2. re: corvette johnny

                                    I've got a reservation for Drew's this Saturday night! This will only be my second visit and the short ribs are on my short list of things to try! (the only reason they aren't the top thing on my list is because I just made them last week). Although I prefer non-byob's as long as they don't give me a hard time for bringing a bottle of vodka, I'm there!

                                    Thanks for the heads up though!!

                                    1. re: jrvedivici

                                      Have a great evening. Let us know of your experience. I'm envious as I haven't been there of late.

                                      1. re: jrvedivici

                                        Enjoy Drews. Start with the escargot, go for the short ribs or pork du jour, finish with the salty pretzel tart. Keep the vodka flowing throughout, bring a small flask of sambuca for the espresso at the end. I'm hungry now!

                                        1. re: angelo04

                                          Bear in mind that drinking liquor at a BYO is illegal.

                              2. The best I have had are on the bar menu at the Molly Pitcher in Red Bank. Absolutely delishus and tender.

                                $ 12.95 for a nice portion glazed in soy and ginger and served on a wild rice risotto.

                                If you want these dressed up I think you can put on a jacket and order from the bar menu in the main dining room.

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                                  I was at the Molly Pitcher just about a year ago, it was post Sandy. I guess many of the utility companies from out of state that came to assist in the rebuilding efforts had booked all the available rooms. Obviously the house made some dress code exceptions for their guests, but it was pretty funny seeing all the line workers in the bar, lounge and dinning room.

                                2. A Toute Heure in Cranford - menu changes frequently though so check their website. Servied over some ridiculously good cheddar grits.


                                  1. The real secret to making them yourself is to always cook them the day before you serve them. After a good 8 hours in the slow cooker, refrigerate them overnight. Then remove the now solid fat, make a roux with some good butter and a teeny bit of the fat and then use it to thicken the gravy.

                                    So, to answer the op's question - my house!

                                    1. Haven't tried it, but it sure looks good... JSBBQ (see the attached pic)

                                      1. I noticed a lot of short ribs on the menus for Jersey Shore restaurant week through Sunday:


                                        Should be some in there that are edible and at least you will have fun trying.