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Sep 18, 2013 01:15 PM

Closest thing to Gather

in Las Vegas for lunch??

I know should post this on the Vegas board but hoping some hounders here can help out. Is there something similar to Gather's style of fresh ingredient focused lunch in Vegas? I know it's the city of punishing your body and extravagance, but I would love to get some lighter soup/salad/veggie-focused fare but not compromise the quality and ambience you get in places like Bouchon and Tableau. I know the Wynn does vegan in all it's restaurants, but I'm not talking about a hotel-wide edict.

I'm wondering if there's a top flight lunch in Vegas that doesn't kill with heavy extravagant "vegas-y" foods and maybe highilghts Berkeley style local/fresh/organic cooking?


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  1. What's local to Las Vegas?

    I'd go to Lotus of Siam and order lighter dishes.

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    1. re: Robert Lauriston

      Right - don't mean Vegas ingredients. I mean flying in fresh veggies from CA. Like how Bartollotta does for fish, for example. I'm talking a high end product-focused lunch where the product isn't steak or seafood, but veggies and sustainable proteins.

    2. mesa grill is decent, but i'd much rather go to lotus of siam. forever spoiled me for thai food

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      1. re: vulber

        Yea- had lovely meal from Lotus already. I probably could go again, but looking for something more new California ish. Mesa Grill seems like it might work.

      2. You might look into Eat in Downtown Las Vegas (

        I've lived in Berkeley for many years and didn't love Gather (I don't think the whole local/fresh/organic vibe is my sort of thing) and never had a comfortable meal there, but Eat would be a good option for you here in Vegas.

        Sage at Aria has an on-staff forager who roams the nation picking/sourcing ingredients used at the restaurant as well as at their sister pizza restaurant Five50. They're quite known for that aspect of their food mantra.

        While not very Berkeley, you might try Tableau at Wynn for breakfast or brunch. They serve a crab and lobster frittata with salmon roe which is complex, yet light. It's an incredible dish and one that won't weigh you down.

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        1. re: ah6tyfour

          I do love Tableau and agree it's menu is diverse and has some good produce focused dishes. Didn't realize about Sage--good to know. Loved our dinner there but it included fois gras and bacon biscuits... :) Will have to try the lunch.

          1. re: hungree

            Might I say that you are refreshingly Berkeley? :) the foie gras and the bacon biscuits are part of what makes Sage great!

            I'm glad I moved out of state before the crazy foie gras ban happened. And now I hear you can't even get a plastic shopping bag at the supermarket (and paper bags cost money)?

            You might want to edit your post a bit as I don't think anyone else on the Vegas forum will know what Gather is.

        2. OK, OMFG found it. Honey Salt near the golf courses, about 20 minutes from the strip.

          Cream less corn soup and the octopus nicois would be right at home on Gather's menu. Out of this world farm to table lunch. The fry basket was lightly breaded and the most tender Calamari, plus seed-in fried jalapeƱo was a nice touch and great surprise. This is it, guys, exactly what I was looking for!