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Sep 18, 2013 01:13 PM

Where to get dressed goat

Anyone know if there's anywhere near Durham I can get a young goat (40 pounds or so), slaughtered and dressed, this time of year (September)?

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  1. The NC Dept. of Agriculture has a searchable website for all manner of farm products, Here are the results for a statewide search for "goat". There appear to be several relatively close to Durham:

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        Keep an eye out for the words, "Se venden chivos.", which means, "he sells goat meat" or something close to that. I've seen such a sign at a farm, just north of The Kraken on 54 in Chapel Hill.

    1. It is in Siler City but they will have what you want

      Chaudry Halal Meats, Siler City, NC

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        What a great site this is! Thanks to all.

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          Chaudry is who I thought of as well but I think they are strictly wholesale. I would go to Cliff's Meats in Carrboro and have him order it for you. He will likely get in from Chaudry.

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            Judging from some internet posts I think they do retail also.

        2. There is a halal market here in Morrisville (opposite the Harris Teeter on Davis Drive), they should have it or should be able to order it.