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Sep 18, 2013 12:45 PM

92nd Street Y

Visiting from LA and taking my NYC Auntie Mame to a lecture at the 92nd Street Y on a Sunday with dinner in advance. Didn't see a recent thread on this so asking for advice, please. Open to cuisine and looking for somewhere my walker-wielding aunt will be treated nicely. Coming from LA I'd prefer no sushi or Mexican - Italian always great - but very open.

Looking at old threads Sfoglia gets good, but sometimes mixed reviews. Also looking at Peri Ela and Pascalou. Would appreciate any counsel.

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    1. I agree Paola is good for an aunt, but Madison to Lex is a long walk with a walker. Sfoglia is the best bet. It is right across the street.

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        Thank you for thinking about that. My aunt is unbelievable - she wants to go up in a hot air balloon next! - but a bit closer is better. Thank you.

      2. I agree on Sfoglia for excellent food, convenience, and service -- that has been my experience. Paolo's is great and I also like Pascalou but a hike with a walker, as noted.

        1. Parlour would be perfect esp if you like seafood or steaks. Has something for everyone.

          1. I booked Sfoglia but we need to be in our seats at the 92 Street Y at 7 and Sfoglia's first seating is at 5:30 which might be a bit of a push. I inquired and they said 'we've done it before' so I might look elsewhere. I might try Paola's which really isn't that far. Thanks!