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Oct 9, 2004 07:43 PM

Austin Recs near Four Seasons

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Heading down from Dallas this week for meetings and I think we have Tuesday night free.

Plan A - a group of guys looking for near-by restaurant suggestions. Nothing TOO expensive, but would like a good meal experience and willing to pay for it. We get the steaks and tex-mex and bbq in the metroplex so perhaps some different suggestions - unless there's a place that will completely knock our socks off and make us realize how much better Texas food is in Austin!!! ;-)

Plan B would be that I go out with my wife instead of "the guys".... she's still trying to decide if she's tagging along or not (although the way I look at it, how can she pass up a free stay at The Four Seasons?!?) So if it's just the two of us then I might even be thinking along the lines of something a little nicer.

Any help would be appreciated!

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  1. Actually sir, the BBQ you get in North Texas is not even in the same league as Central Texas BBQ. The places in Lockhart, Luling, Taylor and Elgin blow away any and all BBQ that can be found up your way. Take the 30 minute drive to Black's in Lockhart (open until 8:00pm) and get the best brisket and sausage anywhere. You can thank me later...

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      Thanks for the suggestion Post....

      I'm just a transplant anyways, so what do I know about good bbq??? I just figured if I stirred the pot a little bit it might lead to some more responses! :-)