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Sep 18, 2013 12:24 PM

Newly opened Arlington Kabob review

Stopped in on a local recommendation to feed my cravings.

Walking in I was immediately greeted, the atmosphere was impeccably clean, open kitchen and the fresh flowers on each table showed attention to detail.

The woman at the counter was very friendly and knowledgeable about the menu. Each combo comes with rice, bread, salad and an additional side vegetable.

I ordered the double combo of chicken and lamb, what can I say WOW! Hands down the best kabob I have ever eaten!
-The chicken breast and lamb was perfectly tender and seasoned to perfection, most places over season or overcook but this was not the case here.
-The chickpeas were to die for-amazing aroma and taste also, best naan ever it's fresh dough'y texture complimented my meal in soaking up all the extra flavors and sauce off my plate, pure heaven.

So good I'm already planning to stop in again tomorrow, highly recommended.

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  1. Their location off their menu

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      this is a persian place, and the kabob and lamb chops we had were excellent. the lamb kabob (ground on skewer) neats ravi kabob.

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        1. Do ;they have lunch-sized items on the menu for those of us who don't want dinner for lunch? I'm in LA at the moment and had a similar dinner last night - man, was I stuffed! Good, too.

          1. This place is cheap and ok. Nothing to get excited about, but a $6 lunch special could fit into almost anyone's rotation. Avoid the chicken (sure to be dry) and you'll do fine. It is Afghan. The spinach side dish is good. They were out of the pumpkin.

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              Concur with Steve -- went last night and thought it was a nice change of pace. The chef apparently used to own a Greek restaurant, but Afghan is her native cuisine. My chicken was anything but dry; and the lamb was even better. Both chickpeas and spinach were very good sides. And she bakes her own baklava and walnut cookies.

              1. re: Marty L.

                I agree the chicken was by far the best tender chicken I have had, I ate there yesterday again and ordered the lamb chops as per suggested by alkapal AMAZING! So tender and juicy, thank you!

              2. re: Steve

                cheap and ok? i don't think we are talking about the same place.