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Newly opened Arlington Kabob review

Stopped in on a local recommendation to feed my cravings.

Walking in I was immediately greeted, the atmosphere was impeccably clean, open kitchen and the fresh flowers on each table showed attention to detail.

The woman at the counter was very friendly and knowledgeable about the menu. Each combo comes with rice, bread, salad and an additional side vegetable.

I ordered the double combo of chicken and lamb, what can I say WOW! Hands down the best kabob I have ever eaten!
-The chicken breast and lamb was perfectly tender and seasoned to perfection, most places over season or overcook but this was not the case here.
-The chickpeas were to die for-amazing aroma and taste also, best naan ever it's fresh dough'y texture complimented my meal in soaking up all the extra flavors and sauce off my plate, pure heaven.

So good I'm already planning to stop in again tomorrow, highly recommended.

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  1. Their location off their menu

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    1. re: LRossi

      this is a persian place, and the kabob and lamb chops we had were excellent. the lamb kabob (ground on skewer) neats ravi kabob.

    2. Do ;they have lunch-sized items on the menu for those of us who don't want dinner for lunch? I'm in LA at the moment and had a similar dinner last night - man, was I stuffed! Good, too.

      1. This place is cheap and ok. Nothing to get excited about, but a $6 lunch special could fit into almost anyone's rotation. Avoid the chicken (sure to be dry) and you'll do fine. It is Afghan. The spinach side dish is good. They were out of the pumpkin.

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          Concur with Steve -- went last night and thought it was a nice change of pace. The chef apparently used to own a Greek restaurant, but Afghan is her native cuisine. My chicken was anything but dry; and the lamb was even better. Both chickpeas and spinach were very good sides. And she bakes her own baklava and walnut cookies.

          1. re: Marty L.

            I agree the chicken was by far the best tender chicken I have had, I ate there yesterday again and ordered the lamb chops as per suggested by alkapal AMAZING! So tender and juicy, thank you!

          2. re: Steve

            cheap and ok? i don't think we are talking about the same place.

          3. the new Arlington Kabob is PERSIAN --steve, are you confusing another place? the owner used to have the pines of sicily restaurant (which is now east-west grill near whole foods in clarendon).

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            1. re: alkapal

              The Arlington Kabob I went to is right next to Rental Works.

              All I know is what the woman with the elaborate tattoo behind the counter told me (confirmed by Marty L. above), plus the menu board lists quabil palow which is generally considered an Afghan dish. Also the spinach dish, sabzi, was on the menu. There is of course some crossover between the two cuisines, but I would have to say the spinach dish was typical of what I'd find in other Afghan restaurants.

              1. re: Steve

                Yes, the owner (formerly of PoS) and the restaurant are both Afghan, not Persian.

                1. re: Marty L.

                  told me they were Persian. bizarre. maybe i misunderstood, but i thought it was pretty clear. hmmm.

                  in any event, i prefer their kabob to ravi's.

                  and to food corner's, as well. (i had originally typed food factory, but they, sadly, are long gone).

                  i also prefer their kabob to amoo's (which has a strange texture to me and mr. alka). but those amoo lamb chops are killer!!!

                  1. re: alkapal

                    Ravi is Pakistani, not Persian or Afghan, for whatever that's worth. Nice having all these options nearby, no?

                    1. re: Marty L.

                      Most kabob places can be good to great depending on the day. Few are consistent, though I have to say Ravi has proven very consistent. Their chickpeas -and lentils when they have them- are hard to beat. Different flavor, of course, since the culinary origins are so different.

                      1. re: Steve

                        their chickpeas are the best around. more and more though i have found their kabob meat quality to be drier, tougher and saltier as the years have progressed. we used to love it (after the original food factory's though ;-).

                      2. re: Marty L.

                        yes, i know about ravi as pakistani. been going there for years. options are nice, indeed.

                        1. re: alkapal

                          Might be time for a Chowhound Central Asian Kabob Crawl. Persian, Pakistani, Afghan and then, if we still have room, Greek. Given 'em all a fair head-to-head comparison.

                          1. re: shortorder

                            Good idea, but we could never agress as to which restaurant is REALLY Persian, Pakistani, Afghan, or Greek. So many mixed cultures in the Washington area.

                  2. re: Steve

                    Afghan or Persian the food is great, fresh and service is outstanding. I met the owner, such a sweet woman.

                    From my experiences dining in restaurants around the Arlington area food is a huge factor in my dining experience but so is the service and no matter how good the food is if the service is not good, I will not be returning. This isn't the case here Arlington Kabob rocks!

                    1. re: LRossi

                      Where else do you like for Kabobs?

                      1. re: Steve

                        Maiwand Kebab near Arundel Mills. Best kebabs I've had.

                        1. re: flavrmeistr

                          Thanks for the tip. I'm actually frustrated by the lack of quality of kabobs in this area, including my one experience at Arlington Kabob. I have still not had any that are as good as a couple of places long since closed: Pars in Vienna or the tandoori kabobs at Rasoi in South Arlington.

                          Ravi is still best available for me.

                            1. re: Marty L.

                              I haven't had the kabobs there yet, but everything else I tried at Amoo's was exceptional.

                              There is also the new but untested Sultana Kabob (Moroccan) on Wilson a few blocks west of George Mason.

                            2. re: Steve

                              Maiwand is right off the Arundel Mills exit of 295 in a shopping center on the left. There's a Red Parrot, Five Guys and a pizza place in there as well.

                              The kebabs here are succulent and well-seasoned, with cardamom rice, fresh-baked naan (or whatever the Afghani call their bread) and a small salad that goes with. They have lamb, beef and chicken or a combination thereof. There are several other dishes such as kofti, lamb stew, samosas and pumpkin and vegetables. The kebabs are grilled to order, so they're never dried out. Count on about 20 minutes to get your food and oven-hot naan. The place is always full of folks from Ft. Meade, so I'm assuming they seek this place out for their kebab fix. A lamb/chicken combo platter with a drink will run about $14, but it's a lot of delicious food for the money. They have a wonderful yoghurt-garlic-mint-cilantro based sauce that is superb with the meat.

                            3. re: flavrmeistr

                              Mine too! very good, just wish it wasn't so far!

                            4. re: Steve

                              Maiwand in Columbia MD is really good but too far, as well as Dulles Kabob in Sterling. I have tryed Amoos which is okay in my opinion, a little oily, Moby Dicks, too much salt or sodium based products and Ravi's is heavily spiced and over cook the meat.

                        2. re: alkapal

                          Why do you insist Arlington Kabob (on Lee Hwy next to Linda's) is Persian? The owner today told me they're Afghan.

                          And I say they food is pretty good, nice addition to the neighborhood. Service was quite friendly and generous.

                          1. re: holdtheline

                            A good clue is that the name of the side dishes on the menu is afghani.

                            1. re: Steve

                              i don't care if the owners are from timbuktu, but i just want to know why i was misled. (still doesn't take away from the delicious lamb chops).

                            2. re: holdtheline

                              i don't insist.

                              i went by what the daughter told me to my face.

                          2. Went there today for the $6 lunch special. I got the chicken, kind of spicy cooked in rice. The also had a beef special, but I decided to take the last order of chicken that they had left. It was really good, but there were only two hunks of chicken and a heap of rice. I asked if there was usually more chicken and that's all they had left, the older woman who came by my table to ask how I liked it said "yes, that's how much chicken is in the special." Should have spent $3 more and got a kebab.

                            The bread was great, fresh out of the oven (and came after I had finished about half of the main dish. As others have said, the place is bright, clean, and friendly, and the tea and coffee are free. I'll probably be back now and then.

                            I didn't ask where they or the cooking was from.