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Sep 18, 2013 11:59 AM

Saturday night in / near the Financial District

I've done enough research to realize that the Financial District doesn't exactly have a lively restaurant scene, especially on the weekend. However, that is where I will be staying this coming Saturday - Thursday as I have use of a friend's fabulous apartment. I'm looking for a place to meet up with a friend following my arrival Saturday evening. It'll probably be 9 -10:00pm by the time we get wherever we're going, but I'll be on Pacific time and therefore in need of something to eat if not a full sit down dinner. So my ideal spot is some place we can walk into w/o a reservation or a long wait, and have a glass of wine or 2 and a bite or 2 at the bar. Please forgive my still somewhat hazy sense of Manhattan geography, but Tribeca seems like the closest neighborhood with any sort of restaurant scene. Would any of these places fit what I'm looking for - Marc Forgione, Locanda Verde, Terroir, The Harrison? Other ideas? Thank you.

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  1. All good choices. If any of them are too crowded try Cercle Rouge or Odeon.

    1. I have no personal experience but I had asked about a watering hole in FiDi lately and the Dead Rabbit in FiDi is supposed to be a good spot - huge drink menus (like a leather bound book) and great bar menu. (oysters, mussels, fish n chips, sandwiches, etc.)

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        The Dead Rabbit is an absolutely fantastic place, their cocktail menu is incredible, the server and bartenders are wonderful. We have eaten there several times and the food is good but it's the drinks that get us to go there. And a Saturday around 9:00 it can be packed.

      2. Terroir is a good place to start your evening for a few glasses of wine and small snacks. The Terroir in TriBeCa is also pretty big, so I don't imagine you'd have any wait at all for 2 people.

        Then walk a couple of blocks down to Khe-Yo, a new and very hot Laotian restaurant owned by Marc Forgione. They have a small bar area for dining, but you can probably even make a last minute reservation for 2 since you're looking to dine around 10pm. May I suggest the duck laap salad and crunchy coconut rice. The wine list at Khe-Yo is a bit limited, but the Asian inspired cocktails aren't bad.

        Given the choice between The Harrison, Locanda Verde, and Forge - I'd definitely recommend Locanda Verde. It may be very bustling on a Saturday night, but again I don't imagine the wait being long at all for 2 people.

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          zeeEats, how is The Harrison these days? I haven't been in ages. Still darkish and clubby?

          Can't wait to check out the Terroir in TriBeca. Been to the tiny Terrioir in the EV. I was the oldest person there :)

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            The last time I went to Harrison was over a year ago, after Amanda Freitag left the kitchen. The dining room feels more updated and family-friendly now, but the food was pretty average.

            I love the EV Terroir as well, but the Tribeca location definitely caters more to a mature crowd. The staff is just as friendly and knowledgeable though.

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              Thanks, zeeEats.

              I haven't been since Chef Freitag was there either . . .had a good New Year's Eve dinner there once. Been going there on and off since they opened.

              I read Duane Park Cafe (New Orleans-ish) is closed. That was one of our favorite walk over to the West side dinner places. Reasonable, good food, not a scene. I found this old post:



              Haven't been since they became more of a burlesque and jazz club before moving to Bowery.

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            Second on Terroir.

            One more suggestion for light eat and drinks, WeatherUp, if people watching is your thing. Beautiful lounge, nice vibe - a mix of wall street and creative types; excellent cocktails. Sat is the prime night.

            For more laid back atmosphere, Smith and Mills is good.

          3. As already suggested, TriBeca (lower West side of the city). Also, Lower East Side (LES). I head to LES more than TriBeca. In FiDi you might consider:

            Acqua - casual Italian. A local favorite. Not a destination place. My SO eats at Acqua when he doesn't want to eat in Brooklyn or the EV (Lavagna, etc.).


            MarkJoseph (steakhouse) is just around the corner from Acqua. Check their hours, not sure how late they are open on weekends. Draws more of a business crowd during the week.


            Les Halles (Anthony Bourdain is long gone) - We were grateful they were open on Christmas day so we didn't have to eat Chinese food. Will probably go there this Christmas again. Not a destination place.


            There is a newer restaurant a friend just tried on one of the slips off Water Street. Over by where TKTS was before Sandy. I can't remember the name. She liked it.

            Lower East Side's Rayuela might work for you:


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            1. Les Halles is not trendy but it stays open quite late and I personally like it very much.