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Sep 18, 2013 11:51 AM

Late Oct London Itinerary-Inspection please!

Hello UK hounds! LA hound here; it’ll be my first time visiting London for 3 days. I think I’ve come up with a decent sized list and would appreciate your help organizing/narrowing it down(i.e. which is better or comparable for lunch vs dinner, etc.). I’ll be solo this trip, but I don’t mind and actually love doing fine dining on my own so that’s not a problem. Price, distance are not issues either but probably would prefer not to have Italian(I'm heading to Italy afterward) nor Asian(cos...LA hound...) Please hack away or feel free to suggest any place not listed. In no particular order:

St John
Bull & Last
Pollen Street Social
Harwood Arms
Kitchen Table

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  1. Where are you staying please? Do you know where you will be at lunchtimes?

    London is very easy to get around, but it's a big city and it would be pointless suggesting places miles away from where you're going to be.

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      Apologies, I knew I'd forget something. I'm staying in the Kensington area!

    2. I would not go to Ottolenghi and instead go for Nopi. I find Ottolenghi's salads sort of blah after a few bites. Nopi's small plates are so much better and you can sit at the counter.

      I really loved Bull & Last and probably would recommend it over Harwood Arms, but it seems like B&L would be quite a trek for you!

      1. Just a word to warn you that reservations at some of the high-end restaurants in London need to be made weeks in advance... Dinner, Ledbury, Pollen Street etc. I'm still amazed that one has to book some places 6-8 weeks before.

        1. Thanks for the replies thus far! I've noticed B&L is pretty much the furthest place from me, though I'd be willing to make said trek if it was worth it?

          And unfortunately, I'm quite used to the process of waiting to book at the exact moment reservations are available, 1-2 months out. I've tentatively looked and noticed a few reservations still available for the days I am in town for Dinner, etc.; once I narrow down which meals go where, I will make the final reservations.

          1. I thoroughly recommend you go th Le Gavroche for the lunch special at just over £50. Best value in London.