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Sep 18, 2013 11:04 AM

Small and Low-Key Wedding Reception Ideas for Metro West Boston

Hi all!

My fiance and I are getting married on October 26th. We are not doing anything big as we both really are not into the whole wedding thing, but want to celebrate in some way with our family. We are only inviting 30 people, and do not have a bridal party, photographers, cake or anything like that. We just want a simple ceremony and a nice dinner after with our family. The probelm is we don't want some trendy restaurant with tiny portions and extreme prices... we want good hearty food in a setting that has some charm and personality. To give you a better idea, we have looked into La Campania in Waltham and Casa Portugal (our fave place) in Inman Sq. Ideally we would like to be a bit further out of the city just so people can park easily etc., but we are open to all suggestions! If you know of any places that are charming, serve delicious food, and are a little bit off the beaten path we would love to hear about it!!

Thanks so much!!

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  1. This recommendation is going to make it seem like I didn't read your post, but ...

    I have held several functions for 30ish people in the private room (the "Salon Room") at Mistral, and each one has been spectacular. I haven't checked prices lately, but in the past they've charged $100/person and allowed you to choose one appetizer, three entrees for your guests to choose from, and one dessert. Of course, on top of that, you have to factor in drinks/wine, tax and tip/service charge, but you can have a great and memorable event for 30ish people for around $5,000 all in. (BTW, I've also done brunches in the Salon Room, for which they charge $40/person, and have been equally impressed.)

    Many would consider Mistral to be trendy, and parking in the area is tough (although they offer valet parking and there is a reasonably priced garage directly across Clarendon St.; and while it's not metro west, it is of course easily accessible from the west on the Pike), but the Salon Room is beautiful and intimate, the service is extraordinary, and the food is excellent. Well worth considering, IMHO.

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      Thanks Blumie! I actually have eaten at Mistral once a couple years ago and really enjoyed it, and the space is lovely for sure! I checked out the website and despite it being in the city, I do think you're right there are still parking options and easy accessibility. I sent them an email to get some more info, so thank you again for the suggestion!

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        I'll second that recommendation. The room and service are the best in the city for this type of thing, and the Mistral event staff is a pleasure to work with. The room is perfect for 30 people, more than that and I think it would get cramped quickly. This also allowed for a small jazz trio in front of the fireplace.

        Blumie is accurate on the approximate food cost and choices available. To give you a real life example, we hosted a wedding there a few years back and the final tab came to about $6,800 all in (for 30 people). The food was a choice of 2 appetizers; 3 entrees and a cake they made (we didn't want a cake either, but what they made was fairly subtle but delicious). In addition we had them pass around an assortment of their excellent pizzas during cocktails. The food was uniformly excellent (on par with eating in the dining room). The total included everything except for valet, which someone else covered. Bar was fully open the entire time, and we had reasonably good wine and champagne choices available throughout.

      2. You might be too late but you might try the Herb Lycium in Groton. Lovely farm and grounds and food was very good.
        Its further out then the places you mention though..

        1. How 'bout AKA Bistro in Lincoln ? Pkg def not an issue and fall is so pretty out there.

          p.s. congratulatons!

          1. The Wayside Inn in Sudbury has a private room for small weddings and is high on charm and low on trendy. Free plentiful parking.

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            1. re: Kat

              Thanks Kat! It's funny, right before you sent your message I was checking out their site. I have sent them an email. It's definitely a lovely area and very charming. Thanks for the suggestion!

              1. re: Kat

                My Mom thought the Wayside Inn might be a nice spot when I got married a few years ago. Went there one day to give the food a test run. Might have been our single worst meal of the last 5 years. It was only one meal. And the place is crowded. But man was it bad.

                1. re: mkfisher

                  LOL mkfisher, I had my rehearsal dinner there. It was wonderful, cozy, candlelit and the food was good. We chose a set menu in advance. You may have been unlucky at your visit. We've been going there for family get togethers for years and while not gourmet, the food is generally solid. On the other hand, I've had a few lousy meals at the Colonial Inn in Concord.

              2. Thanks all for the suggestions! Mistral was booked for our date, but did send menus in case we were flexible on alternative dates. I definitely would have been interested had they been available. Groton is a little farther than we were hoping to go, but the Herb Lycium does look lovely. And I have also emailed AKA Bistro in Lincoln, that area is amazing in the fall. Thanks again for the suggestions!