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Sep 18, 2013 10:35 AM

Birthday dinner in Bend?

All the boards on this topic seem outdated; found two reco's for places that have since closed. Going to be in town for two birthdays in a few weeks and would love some ideas. Thank you so much.

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  1. I would contact the Deschutes Pub to see if they can accommodate your group.

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    1. re: jpc8015

      Thanks. There's just two of us. No need to house a crowd.

    2. You haven't said anything about price range, type of food, etc. Lotsa choices in Bend.

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      1. re: Steve K

        Sorry to be vague. Looking for someplace special for a celebration, i.e. can be fancy, but not expensive for expensive sake. Looking for wonderful food in a cool space, not an everyday sort of place. Open to any cuisine but love seafood, italian, farm-to-table, steaks, etc. Thanks for any suggestions!

        1. re: sariahdorbin

          Prefer cool industrial or warm farmhouse environment to something more...gilded, if that makes sense. We've never been to Bend so have been trawling around online, which makes it so hard to judge. Would love to hear opinions of Jackalope Grill or Ariana or Blacksmith. And what replaced Cork? Thanks for any suggestions!

          1. re: sariahdorbin

            From what you have said, you will like either Ariana or Brickhouse. Ariana the elegant farmhouse, and Brickhouse the kinda cool industrial. Either is excellent and their menus are on line.

            Ariana's carpaccio or calamari appetizers are to die for, and the rest likely are as well, but I haven't tried them.

            Haven't been to Jackalope, or Blacksmith in a long time, and Blacksmith has gone through some evolutions. Not a bad thing, but old data may be old.

            Cork was excellent, but the replacements haven't been of interest.

      2. Lots and lots of good restaurants in bend to choose from. I can agree with the other posts that Brickhouse is one of the better steak places in town (as well as Crossings at the Riverhouse). Ariana is also a very good place. Jackalope, i have never been, but ive heard good things about that place as well. One of my favorite places for amazing food, nice ambiance without the high price tag would be Zydeco (NW style). I know Anthonys is a chain restaurant, but, it is a great place as well in the Old Mill District. Pine Tavern is the most historical place in bend to eat. If you want amazing (authentic) Italian, i would suggest Trattoria Sbandati!

        The Blacksmith was regarded as one of top 100 restaurants in the world during the Bend Boom Years, but has since changes owners, decor, etc...I havent been since the change so i am not too sure on what its all about now.

        Of course, one cant visit bend w/o going to at least a few breweries throughout town! The best breweries to eat as well as drink (in my opinion) are:
        1. Bend Brewing Co
        2. Cascade Lakes Brewing Co
        3. Deschutes Brewing Co
        4. 10 Barrel Brewing Co.
        5. Crux Fermentation Project

        I hope you enjoy bend and all of the charm and amenities it has to offer!

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        1. re: Tacompton

          Thanks a million! Hadn't come across either Pine Tavern or Trattoria Sbandati in my searches, so will check those out. We are really looking forward to our visit. Will definitely be at the many breweries for our non-birthday meals!

          1. re: Tacompton

            Agree with all of this post, x haven't tried Sbandati. For some reason, our better experiences at Pine Tavern have been for lunch.

            Anthony's doesn't get the respect it deserves, simply because it's a small chain. Their Pier 66 flagship on Elliot Bay in Seattle is IMO a destination restaurant.

            1. re: Steve K

              Agreed, Anthony's is a great place with great food (especially with their mon-fri twilight dinner special). You also cant beat the view that they have being right on the river.

              1. re: Steve K

                Well, last night's experience at Anthony's wasn't that great, which reminded me that they have their ups and downs. When the Bend Anthony's is good, they are very good, but sometimes they can just be ordinary. Just so you know.

                Even after past discussions w management, the variations continue.

            2. Thanks to everyone for the great suggestions. We had a wonderful time in Bend and I can report back spectacular meals at Jackalope (osso buck, sauerbraten, beet salad), Zydeco (superb redfish) and Barrio (lamb chops and mixta paella). All within easy walking distance from the Oxford Hotel, for those planning to visit. Nice little breakfast at Sparrow Bakery, and the Newport Market across the river has an impressive selection of wine.

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              1. re: sariahdorbin

                Im glad you enjoyed your time in Bend. Its a very beautiful area and i feel lucky to live in a place with great food, beer and scenery!