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Sep 18, 2013 10:10 AM

Best method for straining ginger infusions?

I recently made a batch of ginger liqueur using sliced ginger. It tastes fantastic but even after being strained multiple times through coffee filters, there is still some sediment-type stuff in it. I strain the liqueur through coffee filters, let it set for a day or two, then strain it again. Is it normal and OK for there to still be sediment in the bottom of the container at this point? Is the "sediment" just a natural oil from the ginger? Any suggestions as to how to remove it would be appreciated because I would like to give the liqueur as a birthday gift next month.

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  1. Yes, the sediment is very fine. you may have to let it settle then siphon/rack/decant it off. Or get a hand pump and a buchner filter set up. That's what I use.

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      Thank you, JMF! I will try the settle-and-siphon method for now. I make small batches but the pump and filter set up might be something for me to look into eventually, since I give away most of my "creations" as gifts, and visual appeal is a key part. Again, thank you! :-)