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Sep 18, 2013 07:52 AM

Need Help in RI...

I'm looking for the best restaurant in RI that has the best LOBSTER MAC N CHEESE...

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  1. I like my lobster the way I like my macaroni--simply prepared. I generally avoid lobster mac n' cheese, so I can't tell you where you'll find the best, but here are a few solid leads:
    The Capital Grille (Providence)--never tried it here, but I know many who love it and I can't believe they'd mess it up
    Hemenways (Providence)--as I recall, this is an especially creamy style
    Waterman Grille (Providence)--I have friends who swear by their lobster m&c
    Local 121--they used to have lobster m&c, I tried it once and it was very rich
    La Laiterie--I swear I saw lobster m&c on their menu at least a few times; if they have it, it's bound to be delicious, as they own the best cheese shop in town right next door.
    Canfield House (Newport)--they've been making it forever
    Le Central (Bristol)--my husband loved this, easily a pound of lobster with a crispy top and creamy inside

    Maybe this will jog some memories on the board?

    Of course, menus change depending on demand, season, and availability. Good luck in your quest.

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      Regarding La Laiterie -- can't address lobster mac & cheese, but my brother and I had a mac & cheese there a couple years ago that included porchetta and was quite spectacular.

    2. Capitol Grill does a nice job. Ever sinch Thomas Keller started the craze at the Laundry everyone hopped on board. Once you have has his its a hard item to beat.

      1. Definitely not a dish I would normally order but we once took the plunge at the Boathouse in Tiverton, RI. And it was ridiculously decadent and delicious. Make sure you order an appropriate alcoholic beverage that will cut through the richness.