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Sep 18, 2013 07:51 AM


Looking for a place that is as good as Honmura was, I cried when it closed. thanks.

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  1. Try Soba Koh and Cocoran. Neither is as fancy as Honmura-An was, if my hazy recollection is accurate, but I think the food's just as good at Soba Koh, and only slightly less good - and cheaper - at Cocoran.

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      agreed re: Soba Koh -- their inaka soba is delicious

    2. The soba chef from Honmura An went to 15 East. I must say that I was very disappointed with the soba there (15 East), many broken pieces of soba, it was like eating matchsticks, and the premium pricing did not reflect the quality of what I received. It was all in all, very carelessly made.

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        Thanks to all....appreciate it, Honmura An was quite an experience...sorry it's gone.

      2. Soba Koh: its similar to Honmura-An although HA might have been a bit better. My favorite is the cold uni ikura soba and also get an order of the tamago yaki. I also like the cold tempura soba and the cold kamonasu soba as well

        Cocoron: This is different than honmura-an as the toppings / broths are very untraditional. My favorite is the cold sansai soba (ive tried almost every soba here and this is def my fav) and make sure to get an order of the sticky rice chicken meatballs

        1. I asked the same question last year after Matsugen closed. The answers I got were pretty much the same as now.

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            not much has changed in the soba scene for a while