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Sep 18, 2013 07:25 AM

Treasure Coast - Jensen Beach Vacation

We are going to Jensen Beach on vacation and will be there for one week. Looking for some restaurant recommendations where we can bring kids - sushi, seafood, italian. We don't mind driving to other areas. Some of the places I have researched include
Gettin Crabby at the Stern House
King Neptune
Kona Beach Cafe
Hogsnappers Shack and Sushi


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  1. Carmela's is actually in Stuart (short drive) and is very good. Most places in the area are kid friendly. The New England Fish Market is excellent. Nothing fancy at all but good seafood. 11 Maple Street is probably the best restaurant within an hour's drive (or more). One of the more formal places in the area but kids are welcome. Also, Conchy Joe's has been around for years. The food isn't what it used to be but its on the water and has a nice casual, almost run-down on purpose, atmosphere.

    Also in Stuart, The Riverwalk Cafe is solid and consistent. The only Italian place I know is Renato's in the Harbor Bay "mall" (Sewall's Point) and it is a regular stop when we are down there. I know the Stuart area a lot better than Jensen Beach though they are right by each other.

    Some really like Peitro's on the River a lot but our meal there was just a bit better than o.k. A bit more formal, sort of an old school country club atmosphere.