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Sep 18, 2013 06:55 AM

Yasher koach Craig!

Craig Winchell, aka GanEden, has launched his new label, "Agua Dulce"!

I was just forwarded this. Hopefully it works.

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  1. Whoohoo!

    The last bottle of Gan Eden in this household was regarded as so precious that it was "saved" for a sufficiently "worthy" occasion until it was finally uncorked and found to have gone off. (Probably because of inadequate - too warm - storage.)

    1. This is very good news! Craig aims for the very highest quality no matter what the endeavor. Good luck Craig!

      1. Mild correction: Agua Dulce is not my label, it is my boss's. After I closed Smokin'!, I was offered a job making wine locally in the high desert canyons, about 35 miles from my house. The owner, a fellow MOT (though not frum), had just bought the winery (10 years as a nonkosher brand) and on a lark decided to commence kosher operations while still pursuing nonkosher with the "current" inventory, using estate grown grapes from the 75 acres of surrounding vineyard. So that's where we're at. It's not GAN EDEN, where I could pick and choose the fruit I wanted, and order any cooperage or equipment I desired. It is an exercise in humility, as I work with the grapes I get, using whatever cooperage or equipment I am lucky enough to have available at the time. But I have made good wine. So far I have released the 2010 vintage of kosher wine (Cab, Syrah and Zin), while we are still working on the 2008 and 2009 nonkoshers. Half of the 2010 vintage was nonkosher, as I did not get hashgacha until halfway through crush. All 2011s, 2012s and 2013s were crushed kosher (for Pesach, of course). So get hold of me, and we can fix you up with some wine. And I am so pleased the GAN EDEN name still elicits feelings of quality and nostalgia. I think you'll enjoy the current wines as well.

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          Thanks for the correction. But yasher koach nonetheless!

          1. re: DeisCane

            Thank you very much. I hope you enjoy!

            1. re: ganeden

              I'll probably never get to taste it, but a cool story nonetheless.

        2. The reviews the wines have generated so far are reprinted on the Craig Winchell facebook page

          1. Wow! this is amazing news. Now I'll have to get some friends who go to the states to bring a bottle back for me in Israel. Hope you can do the Late Harvest Gewurtzraminer again.

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              I wish I could, but right now I am only crushing grapes from vineyards owned by the winery's owner. He of course owns the 75 acres of estate vineyards around the winery, and additionally has an 800 acre ranch with a few acres of grapes on it up in Paso Robles. The estate fruit can be labeled "Estate Bottled", and that is what these 1st 3 wines are denoted. The others, in another appellation, must be labeled "grown, produced and bottled). In any case, just dry reds and Chardonnay in these vineyards, and it would be too hot to grow exceptional Gewurztraminer. So until the boss is feeling up to purchasing grapes, looks like we're out of the Gewurztraminer market. Even then, Gewurz is hard to come by, as most people cannot grow it well and the price is low, so they pulled out and replanted with more lucrative varieties.