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Sep 18, 2013 04:22 AM

Cheese Carts

I wanted to have an up to date list of places in Paris that still roll out a fully packed cheese cart on the floor. like for example Grand Vefour. Thank you.

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  1. La Truffière has a wonderful one - lots of choices, and plenty of guidance from the staff if you need it.

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    1. re: VaPaula

      Thank you, this was not on my cheese cart radar!

    2. LGV does no .longer have a wonderful cheese cart, they bring you a plate of cheese from the back.
      Chez Casimir has a plate of about 5-6 cheeses they leave at your table, but the cheeses are in excellent condition and are usually interesting choices.
      Le Cinq, as of yesterday, brings out the full 'iron lung' cart with about 20-25 choices.and adds only 15 euros to its bargain lunch tab for that course.
      Guy Savoy has an OK cart that adds a ridiculous 39 euros to it's bargain lunch tab.
      Astier's cheese board left at table is huge, but consists of cheeses that are both uninteresting as well as in poor condition.

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      1. re: Delucacheesemonger

        thank you, the Le Cinq lunch will then be 95+15=110?

          1. re: shekamoo

            Yesterday, for some reason water and coffee were not additional and l traded my dessert for the cheese, thus still 95 plus wine

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            That cheese cart is a miracle of engineering, along with the bread one. It has hidden drawers and flaps that open up like a sunbathing lizard.

          3. I'm on topic but with a historical note, thus "up to date" it is not.
            But as my colleague Chrisoscope reported in July 2010, the restaurant with the very best cheese cart(s) in my experience (one mountain, one other) Montparnasse 25 in the Méridien in the 14th, closed d/t the collapse of the bubbles. It had a star and its cheese-guy was second only to Steve Jenkins in know how.

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            1. re: John Talbott

              l still remember Androuet in the early 90's with joy.

              1. re: Delucacheesemonger

                That five course cheese tasting marathon was the real deal. Don't think I could handle something like that these days.

            2. The above post that Le Grand Vefour no longer has a cheese cart is correct. The cheese course for our lunch there this Spring, they bought out three large silver trays, one goat, one soft cows milk, a third with 4 different blues and few hard/aged cows milk. The cheeses were in excellent condition. The 36 month comte was terrific. Except for the desserts, the rest of the meal was mediocre.

              1. So Far, I have Le Cinq, Guy Savoy, Truffiere. Any more?

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                1. re: shekamoo

                  Most of the top restaurants will have a large and very good selection of cheeses. L'Arpege has a composed cheese course on their tasting menu but will bring out a good selection on trays if one wish to order cheese as a separate course. Not all push a cart out; Gagnaire has trays on three small tables. plus interesting accompliments. Taillevent has a cart, so does Le Meurice, L'Ambroisie and L'Epicure.

                  1. re: PBSF

                    Thank you, I realize that there would be a good selection of cheese in these places. However, I am interested in the contraption that is the cheese cart itself. Interested in its history and future, and as part of that wanted to have a list in Paris for restaurants that still use it.

                    In the 3 stars you mention, is there also a cart in Ledoyen these days?

                    1. re: shekamoo

                      I have not been to Ledoyen in more than 3 years, it did then. Someone who has been there since might be able to give an update. From my experience in Paris, the cheese cart/trays with 30 or more cheeses in restaurant is slowly disappearing even in the high-end restaurants. Michelin 3 star places such as Pierre Gagnaire, L'Astrance, L'Arpege have a cheese course on their tasting menu/menu that feature cheese in a more specific context. They do have a selection if requested but it is not feature prominently.