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Sep 18, 2013 02:21 AM

Where to stay, go and dine in Abruzzo

Hello felelow foodies. I was wondering if anyone has any recommendations on places to stay, visit and/or dine in Abruzzo? I read some previous threads, but they didn't contain much information, unfortunately.

We're planning on spending 5 nights in Abruzzo (after a week in Tuscany/Umbria), in the middle of July. We've never been in the region, so we're a bit clueless when it comes to what it has to offer.

We want to find a good location to use as our base during the stay (self catering), and travel out to nearby towns, vineyards, restaurants.

Any pointers and tips are very welcome!

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  1. Abruzzo is great - we vacation there every year (we live in Umbria). The only thing is that you have to plan to spend a fair amount of time driving around on windy mountain roads pretty much everywhere you go.
    Are you looking to stay on the seaside or in the central area?
    On the seaside, I like the area around Lanciano, which is a really nice medieval city and fairly central so you can easily go to the beach or up into the mountains -the Majella are nearby and you can take a daytrip to the Gran Sasso or Campo Imperatore areas.

    Here are some restaurants that I have accumulated over various trips, so they are not necessarily near each other:
    Ofena: Agriturismo Sapori di Campagna
    Lanciano: Ristorante ai Vecchi Sapori
    Castelli: Trattoria Iolanda (Jolanda)
    Intermesoli/Pietracamela: Ristoro Venacquaro
    Pineto: Gelateria Cono Verde/Pizzeria Adriatica

    and my favorite is right in the middle of Campo Imperatore in the Castel del Monte zone there are a few little shacks - one is called Ristoro Mucciante and you basically just go in, tell them how many arrosticini you want, then you take them outside and grill them (grills are ready to go) - these are then enjoyed with house wine out of Peroni bottles - not to be missed!

    1. Ciao,

      great choice!

      We live in Abruzzo and we love Abruzzo. We suggest you the
      Romanesque coastal town of Vasto (population: over 40.000) in Abruzzo, just 3 hours from Rome, which flourished again in the 15th and 16th Century, you will enjoy exploring the centro storico, its cathedrals and churches, the cafes, restaurants, the food, wine and gelato, vineyards, cheese factories and olive oil mills, as well as the many natural sites: a selection of beaches, from sandy shores to pebbly coves, from the populous marina to the natural reserve, from dunes to trabocchi, the unique fishing huts you will marvel at, all within a short distance.

      It is a good starting point also to explore the Majella National parks or the Tremiti Islands.

      Enjoy Abruzzo!

      1. Thank you so much for your help!