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Sep 18, 2013 01:08 AM

Hollywood Farmers Market, Grass fed Meat, Eggs, Dairy etc?

Hey All. Was curious if someone could tell me specific sellers at the Hollywood Farmers Market on Sundays, that sell Grass- fed- finished meats? Pastured - Eggs, Raw Milk, Cheeses? As well as wild caught fish like sardines etc? I went there, but it was so big and crowded and without knowing specific names to look for I might have breezed by. I know Organic Pastures sells Raw Milk there, and Linder Bison, but just want a rundown of places I might have missed for what Iam looking for. Or any other raw cheeses milk sellers.... It's the closest farmers market via train... So it's the one I will be going to most. So any long time Hollywood farmer marketers? Thanks

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  1. For raw milk (and cheese, and beef that is all pasture fed, etc.) these guys used to come to the Hollywood Farmers market (and probably still do, but I don't get over that way these days but once in a blue moon).

    1. I usually get eggs from Healthy Family Farms and fish from Captain John. Both are on Ivar between Selma and Sunset. Captain John's fish is best I've had in LA. Much better than other the vendor there, and comparable to, if not better than, the likes of SM Seafood. Good selection, and they cut pieces to order.

      As for the eggs, not sure if HFF is better than any of the rest, curious to hear other opinions, but go there out of habit at this point.