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Sep 17, 2013 11:12 PM

Sam's Chowder House going to open 2nd location in Palo Alto by Oct 2013

Former Campo 185 has closed & will reopen as Sam's Chowder House the SJ Metro reported! Set to open in October 2013.

Sam's Chowder House
185 University Ave at Emerson
Palo Alto

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  1. Have never been to the one in Half Moon Bay, but having been to the recently opened Sam's Chowder House in Palo Alto, I would not recommend it at all. First, the service - though there were quite a few things wrong with the service, drinks that took over 30 minutes to get, food cooked incorrectly, orders wrong, etc, it is not because of that that I would not recommend it. They are new and they were pleasant about it, and tried to fix things and make it up to us as best as possible. However, the food, in my opinion, is simply not worth it, starting with the quality of the fish, as well as the poor preparation. I made the largest mistake by ordering oysters. Completely tasteless and a little dry, they arrived on the half shell, already cut off from the shell, with none of the juice from the oyster remaining. At $3.50 an oyster, no less. My main course fish, which I asked to have not too well done, was not of good quality - the fish being totally tasteless and dry. My friend 's, who ordered the same thing without specifying how he wanted it cooked, was the same plus being too well done and very chewy. Nobody else's main course fish was any better(and one arrived raw inside). Dessert even merited only one bite. All in all, a very disappointing meal.