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Sep 17, 2013 10:32 PM

Uncomfortable Comfort Food

How does a place like SaraBeth's get such fame and reputation.
I wasn't feeling great and wanted some comfort food. My past experiences at Sara Beth's have been bad, but I figured I'll give it another chance.
My soup was not hot at all, barely room temperature. They didn't serve me bread or crackers with the soup, so I asked for bread and they gave me some decent tasting bread and a bottle of olive oil. No bread plate. So I improvised.
Then came the dish they are famous for Chicken Pot Pie. It looked good. Lots of chicken in there. The veggies were a bit too hard. I am sure because it is such a popular dish they make large vats of it. The thing I don't get is, Whey doesn't the chef taste it?
The pot pie was tasteless. I asked for pepper, that barely helped. It needed salt, spice, some flavor. It was completely neutral.
I am baffled how this place has such fame.

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  1. I suspect the locations, kid-friendly at a decent price yet doesn't feel like dennys atmosphere and the few good baked goods and jams are how it stays around. Maybe there are enough tourists who dont know better at the central park south location.....

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    1. re: Ttrockwood

      I had been to the Sarabeth location on Central Park South a few times with co-workers who thought they were selecting a good restaurant near our office for lunch. Big mistake every time. Food at its best was mediocre, and service was about the same. Too many tourists to deal with. The place was always packed. Maybe other locations are better.

      1. re: ellenost

        I have been to the one on ues and also tribeca, both similar not great experiences. I didn't hate the muffins (did hate how much $$ they are) but wasn't a positive experience for any of the friends i went with either. Too many better options to go back- probably ever.

    2. Been there and done that. Not a fan. Sarabeth's is like TGIF without the TV ads and higher prices.
      So many better choices.

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      1. re: Motosport

        It seemed like the perfect spot at the time, based on the location. It was late, and i didn't want a crowded place. It was a mistake. Should have gone to Petit Abeille instead, Viet Cafe was closed already. I guess there were tons of other spots. Chicken pot pie was on my mind

        1. It has been around forever by restaurant standards but jumped the shark a long time ago. I guess it just coasts along on it's reputation.