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Sep 17, 2013 08:50 PM

"Slicers" Pizza on Piedmont Ave. next to Addesso in Oakland is Open!

Went tonight ....and it was great!

Whole pies and salads.

Plus assorted tasty slices for $3.00 -$3.50 a slice.

We had three different slices...they were all great!

Ice cold beers out of a ice bucket...nice.

(some lager choices would have been good)

4395 Piedmont Ave

One block below Pleasant Valley Ave.


They blow the pizza oven vents out on to the sidewalk and you can smell the goodness 1/2 block away.

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  1. I went last night, grabbed a whole pie (sausage and peppers, $23) to go.

    First, the space. It essentially looks exactly like it did in its last incarnation, Local Cafe: same seating around the walls, same chunky communal table in the middle of the room, same gray tiles on the walls around the counter. Only differences: a glassed-in pizza case on part of the counter, from which you can see the slices you're ordering. And, on the left wall, an enormous reclining yeti, which is almost enough for me to fall in love with this place.

    The guy behind this place, Colin Etezadi, was chef at Local, and he worked at Pizzaiolo, something the local media's made a lot of, but it doesn't give you a hint about the pizza style here, which is about as unlike Pizzaiolo/Boot & Shoe as it's possible to imagine. It's sort of New York style (reminds me a bit of Gioia, actually), only with California toppings like burrata, fresh ricotta, summer squash, and little drifts of mint. My husband, Perry, says it reminds him of the thin-crust pizza at places on the Southside of Chicago (Fox's, for instance), and I know what he means. The crust is pretty minimal, with scant heft or structure: this is more about the quality of the red sauce.

    Like I say, we had a sausage (clumps of housemade fennel sausage, nice, not spicy), lots of sweet red peppers that had sort of wilted in the oven, and soft red onion. Tasty, a little salty, and low key. I like this place: It walks a nice line between unfancy neighborhood pizza and ingredient-obsessed California bistro pizza. I'm thinking it's just right for Piedmont Ave.

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      thanks for reporting. in the lead-up p.r. and marketing, the owner talked about returning pizza to its inexpensive origins. what size was your $23 dollar pizza ? if it didn't exceed 16 in. and wasn't heavily loaded with toppings, his price point is pretty similar to the full size restaurants like Pizzaiolo of A16. (what does Dopo get for their pizza, speaking of ?) the Piemonteses of course are entitled to their own notions of value, and the worthiness of the pizza itself is separate from its price.

      1. re: moto

        It was 18 inches—yielded 8 large slices. Plenty for 4 hungry people. The margherita at Pizzaiolo is $22 (maybe $20), and smaller (14 inches perhaps?), so Slicer's value propistion is better—the equivalent of a place like Lanesplitter. I get the feeling Slicer's style isn't to load up with toppings (the way, say, Nick's Pizza does). I'm happy about that.

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          your prices for Pizzaiolo might be a little off. the margherita is more like $14-15, rapini and homemade sausage around $18, and a couple with fancier stuff go a bit higher. Hot Italian is a slightly better pizza value than Pizzaiolo, lower operating costs of course, with 16 in. pizzas and decent quality for $14-16. you're right, 18 " is a nice size. will give them a try soon, without inflated expectations.

    2. I had a SAUSAGE slice and a RICOTTA slice today. Though both were solid. Very thin crust at the center and over all even the meat slice felt pretty light. Like the space too.

      Has anyone tried the PANNA COTTA? Was thinking about trying it but ended up going to OASIS MKT.

      I didnt realize they are closed on MON, so ended up at JULES THIN SLICE for lunch. Liked the slice there less than previously ... they have too many chicken-based options for my taste ... is that response to rockridge demographics or a schtick for the mini-chain? Anyway, it's not as good as SLICER or ROTTEN CITY.

      I am not a major fan of GIOIA.

      Probably put SLICER ahead of NICK PIZZA.

      Have not tried that PIZZA NAZI guy.

      CHEESEBOARD/SLIVER is sui generis.

      ok tnx.

      1. Stopped by last night. We had the sausage with gypsy peppers slice, pancetta with fennel slice and plain cheese slice. All very good and different from other places in the area. I agree that it more NY-style ... larger slices, a little floppy. Reminds me of Rotten City (probably like RC move, but Slicer is much more convenient). Great tasty crust. Beer can selection could be better, but will definitely be in circulation for us.

        1. I tried a sausage, peppers, and onion slice, excellent flavors. Similar to Rotten City except softer crust.

          They had Scrimshaw and Red Seal.

          1. I stopped by last week, expecting to get a plain slice, as a litmus test, but the mushroom/kale slice looked so good I couldn't pass it up. It is now my favorite Bay Area slice joint. The kale was nicely roasted, the mushrooms fully cooked, and the overall balance good. And I'm pretty sure the fundamentals were some of the best I've had recently: the crust was thin and charred, of the floppy sort, but not because it's weighed down by too much cheese/liquid, just because it is very thin, and the sauce was very flavorful, in the tomato sense, not the overly-oreganoed sense.

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              Oops, I can't figure out how to remove that picture of mapo doufu in the edit, but here's a picture of my slice. It had a nice char, and the dough-only head portion was actually flavorful enough for me to finish, unlike many slices.