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Sep 17, 2013 07:08 PM

Pics from Tremont 647's Izakaya event last night

They do a special event once a month and the theme was Izakaya this month. Andy Husband has been hitting a lot of Izakaya places across the country and got some inspiration from them.

Favorites were the ramen which took 3 days to make and the green tea flan. The sea bass was unfortunately slightly undercooked so we had to scrape the flesh off the bones. And the "mochi" at the end was really weird.
The rest was interesting including a yuzu marinated fluke for an amuse bouche and some hors d'oeuvres that I didn't take photos of...

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  1. We were Andy fans from when he opened, for about 8?yrs, through Jason and Matt as his main guys, but then we had too many meh experiences and we basically stopped going. We did go to a lot of fun special events there over the years, but were so disappointed to watch andy lose interest and start phoning in some things at competitions- when he should have been ambitious and inspired. This looks like some good dishes so we'll have to keep an eye on his upcoming events. thx for the report.

    1. thanks for the report! that looks like a classic 'butter mochi' cake to me at the end, which tend to be pretty buttery/gelatinous, almost like a much richer version of those cassava cubes you can buy in the pastry section of asian groceries. was it poorly executed or just that you were expecting the normal filled ('daifuku', according to wikipedia) kind of mochi? I can see the menu description certainly didn't make clear what to expect...

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        I didn't know about butter mochi cake. Interesting. Maybe it was a bit undercooked or maybe it was the coconut that made it that way. It didn't look as airy as this:

        It tasted a little like the chinese "old lady cake" in density (i.e., more dense than glutinous-y).

        I expected daifuku I was hoping to get hand-made mochi which you can only get from one place in this area readily.

      2. The original comment has been removed
        1. I was there too, and our favorites were the stir-fried quinoa and the fish. We really enjoyed the fish at our table - fully cooked and with nice crispy skin.

          I loved the pork belly in the ramen, and the broth was a good attempt, but I found the texture of the noodles to be off. They were a little hard, as if they needed another 5 minutes in boiling water. Overall not a bad attempt, but disappointed that the bowl was so tiny.

          I thought the green tea creme caramel was ok (a tad sweet), but the mochi cake was absolutely weird. I've had mochi cakes and while they are normally a little denser and chewy in texture, but this cake felt almost like a brick. It was so dense, you couldn't even get chewiness out of it - no one at our table took more than a bite.

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          1. re: kobuta

            IME, andy's judgement of a 'good tasting dessert' has never been mine.Tant pis.

            1. re: kobuta

              Ditto the pork belly and texture of the noodles..seemed a bit hard to me too, but I thought it was because of his cooking process. Broth was good to me though...I have to hit some real ramen places in NYC/LA if there's better...

              I actually ate the whole mochi brick (each portion seriously felt like a full pound) because I was still hungry (being too polite when family-style sharing :-)

              1. re: Spike

                Did you get seconds on any of the plates? I was a little nervous too since it was a mixed table of strangers that I might be leaving hungry, but our server stopped by and made sure we knew that we could order seconds of just about anything (except the ramen and the fish..booo). We got another platter of the chicken and the quinoa and that helped. My friend and I left full, but not stuffed. To be honest, for $30+fee/tip, we felt it was a decent value.

                Andy said he really liked Ippudo in NYC for ramen. I've dined at Ippudo in HK, and found them to be quite good too, and close to the few ramen places I've had on my trips to Japan.

                1. re: kobuta

                  What?? We were never told we could get seconds of the plates :-P
                  I thought for $30+fee/tip (effectively $40), it was better than restaurant week at most places just for the different experience.
                  We liked the quinoa as well...wish we ordered a second of it.

                  Thanks for the NYC Ippudo tip. The Serious Eats web site is doing a ramen week theme this week, so you might want to check out the places they mentioned too. They highlighted spots in LA, Seattle, NYC (but not Boston for some reason ;-)
                  They even had a few broth recipes I'm going to have to try...

            2. Really jealous - the food looks great.

              Went there last night and had some disappointing food - the yuzu cocktail was a pretty unpleasant drink, the sliced peaches on the salad were sliced right through the bruise and about three microns thick, the burger was excellent but still pretty rare in the middle - I ordered med. rare, but this was cooked over too high a temp so outside perfect but inside raw. White bean dip was meh, weird onion bread.

              In their favor, excellent fries, the burger was excellent tasting and the bottled Miller was ice ice cold. Fish and chips was good, but only six small potato wedges on the plate.

              DW: That place used to be awesome and now just sort of meh.
              Is that chef still there? They need to reboot.

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              1. re: Bob Dobalina

                We have thought that Andy lost his Mojo long ago now. Jason and Matt were there when it brought us back every week. Long past. He must have just got way too burned out. And/or his testosterone won't let him see the low level reality around him. I wish he could take a long break and get revitalized; i'm so sure the innate talent is still there.....

                1. re: Bob Dobalina

                  I'm starting to wonder if Andy actually is there all the time and whether it's turning into more of a Blue Ginger where it's "self running" w/o a Chef Ramses at the pass :-)

                  Andy mentioned he's been traveling and trying a lot of Izakayas across the country. Sounds like he might be looking at trying that style at another restaurant? But that level of research also means less focus on the current one...

                  p.s., hope you complained about the burger and peaches...