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Sep 17, 2013 06:04 PM

Ray's to the Third - Sept 2013 update

Went to Ray's w/ a friend, planning to "be good" and have the salmon. Off the menu now. As is the broccoli. There is still a turkey burger and they still have the shrimp/lobster/crab cakes. No desserts other than the Key Lime pie and various milkshakes. Place was empty at 5:45 and not even half full an hour later.

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  1. I was there just a couple of weeks ago, and at 8p on a Monday night it was packed with a wait for a table.

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      I was surprised at how empty it was. I've never had that experience before at any time of day. Sometimes it doesn't take long to get a table, but I've never seen it empty like that. Very weird.

      I can understand taking things off the menu that aren't selling, but it makes it hard for people like me who want to go there because friends and family want to go there but don't want red meat or burgers. I have to admit that I never saw anyone else ordering the salmon (and it was really good) so I am not surprised that it is off the menu. I personally never thought most of the desserts were all that good - the cheesecake in particular was lousy and as I am not a fan of chocolate, the mousse never appealed to me. I suspect that most couldn't eat dessert after so filling a meal anyway. So IMHO the absence of the additional desserts is not an issue. It would be nice in the hot weather to have some light options such as sorbet, but otherwise, not an issue.