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Sep 17, 2013 05:20 PM

Back for trip #? - New ideas for great meals. [San Francisco]

We go almost every year and always try to get to some new places. Since our last trip was October 2011, we are looking at:

The Abott's Cellar
Rich Table
Central Kitchen

Any input is appreciated and suggested on places we should consider to add in and any deletions. Thanks!!

To know our likes; past favorites include:
One Market
Fifth Floor
Chez Panisse
Foreign Cinema
Brunch Drunk Love [sorry it's gone]

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  1. Good picks for this time.

    1. Rethinking The Abott's Cellar. Despite being on T&L's list of best of SF, the reviews are all over the place. Perhaps just a few beers at Monk's will suffice.

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      1. re: DebitNM

        I think that makes sense. There are better places for food and you can get great beer at Monk's Kettle, or elsewhere.

        1. re: W42

          And if you go for beers at Monk's Kettle you can get the pretzel, which is the sine qua non of pretzels.

        2. re: DebitNM

          St. Vincent has a great beer list. I think the food's great, some people don't get it.

          Given the places on that list, you'd be pretty sure to like Bar Jules.

        3. I found Commonwealth somewhat disappointing. Abbott's Cellar's food is decently good, atmosphere is fun, beer and wine list is awesome.

          1. which places have you visited in the past that you didn't like?