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Sep 17, 2013 05:07 PM

Using Up Various Whiskeys and White Rum...

I have a lot of liquor left over from my recent wedding: a big bottle of Bacardi white rum and three bottles of whiskey (Jameson, Dewars and Jack Daniels). Also a bottle of Cointreau, and Beefeater gin (which I know what to do with). I never drink whiskey or rum, so I have no idea what to do with this stuff. I've had some success this evening mixing the rum with fresh lime juice, Cointreau, and seltzer. The best we've come up with for the whiskey is my husband doing shots of it and me drinking the Jameson with ice, but it's not too pleasant.

What's the best way to use this stuff up without suffering? My usual drinks are either gin or vodka, gin being my preference. Tom Collins is "our drink" when I make the cocktails, usually when we're out we both enjoy a gin and tonic if there aren't any interesting cocktails available.

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  1. If stored in a cool dark place, and well sealed, does liquor actually "go bad"? I'm thinking... why not keep it on hand for guests? Rather than "use up"?

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      I agree with that recommendation. I went to a Halloween party last year. The host had been given a bottle of Gentleman Jack at work, and is not a whiskey drinker. Although it is not one I would buy, as it is too mild for my taste, it was better than anything else they had that night, and I helped them finish off - errr - a good bit of the bottle. (Perhaps I will help some more next month.)

    2. Bacardi is good for cleaning the your car's tire's with :)

      I tend not to like using it even to mix, cruzan is so much better

      I have used up some Bacardi people brought over in jello molds, and it performs fairly well there

      When Mrs D graduated from RN school and we got some needle shaped molds and had fun with that, they "shot" the jello shots into the mouths of the patients

      Hope that helps

      1. Yarm suggested the Twelve Mile Limit in this recent thread:

        1. I think both Bacardi and Jack Daniels do very well in sour-style cocktails (daiquiri, whiskey sour, etc.). They're the sort of brands that might not be the sort to get a recommendation from anyone here, but I think if you've already got them on hand, then in those sorts of drinks they're still enjoyable

          Though as other folks have mentioned, the best way to use up liquor you don't want is to share it. Perhaps this is a good excuse to have a party in the near future?

          1. Jamesons is a much better mixer than Scotch, as it has less of a 'smoky' favour. Goes well with ginger ale and also apple juice.

            Barcadi is more than adequate for a number of tropical punch cocktail type drinks.