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Sep 17, 2013 05:06 PM

Romantic, High-End Anniversary Dinner for 2

Hi kids!
Looking for some new ideas for a romantic, high-end anniversary dinner.
If you know me from my posts, I tend to favour the mom-and-pop, neighbourhood style joints, but this is a special occasion, so I'm looking for ideas and thoughts from you fine folks.
Some thoughts were Splendido, AubergeDP, Jacob, Harbour60, Scaramouche, Sotto, etc. but I'm sure there are some great places I've never been or haven't thought of.
Tell me what you'd suggest for a great dinner with a romantic vibe.

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  1. If you haven't been to George, you may want to try that. The setting is very nice and the tasting menus are excellent.

    1. +1 on George for sure. Beautiful place.

      I tend to favour smaller and/or more intimate places for romance -Campagnolo, Union 72 (when the owner Teo is in the house), Ici or Edulis would all fit the bill for me. I don't find the expense account steakhouses romantic - especially Harbour 60.

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      1. re: elasticwaistband

        I really love George for the food and it is beautiful but I'm not sure I would classify the atmosphere as romantic. Ici and Edulis are definitely more intimate. I prefer Edulis over Ici for the food and for the pacing of the meal.

        Scaramouche is always nice but I find it a bit of an event place ... too many celebrations/special occasions going on. I sometimes feel they are about to send out a bunch of the staff and sing happy birthday to some lucky person :)

        I agree that steak houses generally reek of expense accounts and testosterone.

        1. re: ComerDemonio

          I agree. I find Ici more romantic than George.

          If you like seafood, I recommend Joso's. The upstairs section is more cozy and private than the main floor.

          I don't find Campagnolo's atmosphere romantic. While they aren't high-end, I find moderately-priced Enoteca Sociale, Le Select and Le Paradis more romantic than Scaramouche, George, Auberge, etc.

      2. Edulis is a great, cozy, restaurant!

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        1. re: jlunar

          Ref: Edulis:
          But its fully booked till 29th September!!

        2. Love these suggestions, I will definitely have them on my list, even if I'm too late to make a reservation now.

          What's the Chow word on Sott-Sotto? I keep hearing it's very romantic in the food media, but I rarely hear it talked about here.

          Any other small, intimate sleeper ideas?

          Thanks, gang!

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          1. re: TorontoTips

            I keep hearing about Sotto Sotto too. I gather they have a professional publicist. There's nothing wrong with Sotto Sotto, but nothing special about it either. IMHO, every other restaurant named on the thread so far is a better choice.

            1. re: KAYLO

              Sotto Sotto is very good at playing to the rich and the beautiful. If you are neither (preferably you are both), it's not the most welcoming environment.

            2. re: TorontoTips

              I love Sotto Sotto. Food is great, and it's perfect for a romantic evening.

              And I agree with prima. Joso's can be romantic as well.

            3. My wife and I go to George every year for our anniversary - can't rave about it too much. And, it's a Toronto secret.