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Sep 17, 2013 04:56 PM

my sons bar mitzvah

are there any good places to have a good bar mitzvah on long island with a nice ballroom

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  1. If you search bar mitzva or wedding on this board, you will come up with many such discussions.

    1. ya but i want to know a good caterer for my son

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      1. re: Robbert

        It seems to me that Gila is pointing you to discussions that deal with exactly what you are looking for; what kind of answer were you expecting?

        In addition, in another recent thread, you asked about Lederman Caterers and got three rave reviews. You don't really seem to trust the answers you are getting, so I wonder what you really want people to tell you.

      2. i just wanted to be 100 percent sure because i want my sons bar mitzvah to be the best

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        1. re: Robbert

          Why trust internet strangers 100%? Only you know what your "best" is-many people's "best" may be your "worst"

          Make list of what your "best" is and then take the reccs you have gotten, do your research on this site as well as others and cross reference. Talk to friends and family and then hit the road. Call venues and make an appt to view them. Make sure to do it in the light of day and check everything from the ballroom to the bathrooms.

          Call the caterers and arrange for tastings. Be prepared with what foods are a "must have" vs "nice to have".

          By all means have a budget in mind before anything, even if the sky is the limit.

          Only you can decide what the "best" is for you and your son.

        2. thank you foodie that helps alot

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          1. re: Robbert

            I think Robbert may be the BM boy himself. I'm a teacher and this sounds like one of my peeps. Good luck and I hope it goes really well. You'll never please everyone with the food anyway so choose what you like.