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Sep 17, 2013 04:52 PM

Where to buy Cherry Coke & Vanilla Coke in YYC?

Hey all,
anyone has an idea of Cherry Coke and Vanilla Coke selling in Calgary? Please... and thanks.

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  1. I know I saw cherry coke a few months ago at either the candy store in Kensington or the one on 17 ave sw.

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    1. re: Beachy1

      I saw it at the 17th ave store

      1. re: TSAW

        The place on 17th is called Freak Lunchbox and I have seen cherry Coke there. The Gummi Boutique in Kensington also has it but I remember it being extremely overpriced.

        1. re: cellophane_star

          Overpriced relative to what, though? If you want it, unfortunately, that's the price you're going to pay in Canada since it's all US imports. 100 Grand bars are a hell of a lot more expensive at Freak than they are at a US gas station but try finding a Mr Big or Cadbury Flake in the US...

    2. Gummi Boutique on 10th (in Kensington) has it. I saw it two days ago, right in the middle of the store.

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        There's also a Gummy Boutique at Richmond Rd & 37 St. in the little strip mall across from A.E. Cross school.

        Cherry Coke (and 7-Up) from the U.K. is available at Great Taste of Britain, at both the Eau Claire and Market Mall locations.

      2. you can get it at the burger place in the food court at Calgary Farmer's Market...

        1. Why not make your own, like drive-in's used to in the 50's and 60's. Much better than the canned stuff.

          1 1/2 cups Coca-Cola®
          2 tbsp grenadine syrup
          2 tbsp maraschino cherry juice

          Add ice and stir.

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          1. Cherry coke at Walmart, Royal Oak NW, Calgary...not sure if it's limited edition but it's $1.88 for one bottle of 500ml, enjoy!!!!!! I stocked up:)

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            1. re: Tcheshire

              Looks like there's a Cherry Coke campaign going on, because it's suddenly available everywhere.