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Sep 17, 2013 04:32 PM

Stuffed Peppers?

Peppers of all colors are abundant and cheap right now.
Does anyone have a really easy, really delicious recipe for stuffed peppers? Emphasis on both delicious AND easy. We prefer them stuffed with meat, but anything really good will go under consideration.
Old-fashioned recipes especially craved!

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  1. last night i whizzed some raw shrimp with cilantro, scallion, 1 scotch bonnet, shrimp paste, sesame oil and 1 egg white.

    stuffed some small local peppers with it and baked. super good.

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        1. re: magiesmom

          forgot! also had some grated ginger and lemon zest in there. yeah, it was very good. :) i had more "stuff" than peppers and used the remainder to make off-the cuff shrimp toasts that the b/f just loved.

        2. re: hotoynoodle

          YOW! A whole Scotch bonnet? That must've been one hot pepper. Did the baking cool it down any?

          1. re: mginsd

            it was spread out into quite a bit of filling. had some heat for sure, but not deadly.

        3. I used a leftover mujadarra mix filled about 2/3 way, then cook peppers til almost done, add a cracked egg ontop and finish baking. Shredded parm to finish.

          1. Here is one I've made. Yummy.


            Another one I have done (OK - it's not an official "CH" version), but brown hamburger, set aside. Make boxed Rice a Roni (I know, kill me now). Mix in meat. Blanch peppers until almost soft. Stuff, cover with cheese and bake. Works every time.

            However, you can stuff them with anything. Think outside of the box. Breakfast items: A riff on Potatoes O'Brian and sausage (could be any type) or bacon. Or a "frittata filling. Works well with peppers.

            1. We do ground beef mixed with Jasmine rice, garlic and ginger. Stuff and bake. Once out we top with a curry sauce w/ red curry paste, coconut milk, and chicken stock. Easy and excellent!

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              1. re: gbque

                Nice twist. I love it. That will make it on my plate in the future.

              2. This Mexican Stuffed Peppers recipe from Bacardi1 last Feb was wonderful, although we're spice wimps so reduced the listed spices by half and still needed plain rice on the side to tame them a bit.