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Oct 6, 2004 04:35 PM

Brunch in Austin

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I need some suggestions for Sunday Brunch in Austin.
Central Austin
Not too too $$$

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  1. Central Market? How about Hyde Park Grill?

    1. In no particular order:

      1. Kerbey Lane Restaurant. I would go to the original one on Kerbey Lane. Atmostphere is nicer and better food.

      2. Zetejas on 5th street. Their banana nut muffins come with brunch meals. It is better than the brunch meals.

      3. Julio's on 43rd and Duvall. They only take cash.

      1. I second Z'tejas...Excellent brunch.

        1. I realize you asked for something moderately priced, but I just had brunch at the Four Seasons this weekend, and I just wanted to caution folks as I don't think it's worth their exorbitant pricetag. It's not that the food is bad by any means, in fact, some of it was quite tasty. I was just expecting one of those totally outrageous, obnoxiously extravagant buffets where there are literally towers & fountains & mountains and whole bloody cities of food. I've been to these before, and I just assumed that's what the Four Seasons gig was too. But it's actually miniscule in comparison to those other top-tier buffets. I was still quite happy eating crab claws, lox (terrible mini-bagels), beef carpaccio, prime rib, smoked trout and peppered mackerel, stuffed pork loin, etc etc etc. But there were plenty of very poorly executed foods, and it lacked the wide variety that I was expecting (especially the desserts).

          Anyways, I was actually contemplating going to Moonshine as their menu looks quite tasty, but figured I don't get take the opportunity to go to the big buffets much, so might as well try the Four Seasons. While Moonshine's dinner-fare isn't anything terribly exciting, the Sunday brunch seems to garner many positive reviews.

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            There was another lengthy discussion on brunch last summer (link below), which rounds up the usual suspects. We're probably a bit late on answering em's question from four months ago, but if anyone is looking here for bruch recommendations, the fuller discussion may be of use.


            1. re: Knoblauch

              Ha, didn't even notice the date of the original post (something i usually do take note of) !

              On a somewhat unrelated note, I notice the search function is in a little better shape now. I took a look around for Four Seasons and, interestingly (or maybe not), there was very little detail on the brunch experience at FS. So hopefully the post adds another datapoint that might help somebody save a few bucks and eat better.

          2. I think that Eastside Cafe has to be near the top of the list. It's moderately (maybe even low) priced and really great. It's not a buffet, but that's a plus in my book.

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            1. re: Greg Spence

              Seconded. This is still my favorite brunch in Austin -- especially when you consider the price.

              1. re: tom in austin

                I know this is an old thread... but just to freshen it up a bit. I have probably eaten at Eastside about 8 times over the past 18 months or so, and I seem to have a knack for ordering the wrong things. There are a few really good items on the menu, like the more traditional brunchy things (benedicts, crepes, etc.) However, the more innovative sounding things tend to be, uh, not so good. Not so good as in, "hey friend, did you want to try my interesting-sounding filling ravioli with really bland, oily pecan chili sauce?" and then can't get anyone to eat it at the table. Just be careful at Eastside. Order the basics, and you will be good. Avoid the specials and more innovative sounding things. I am not sure where my other brunch aficionados are eating in comparison, but I always feel a bit robbed at Eastside considering the spotty consistency with the food deliciousness, and frankly, the service can be quite absent.

                1. re: cyberbeachbunny

                  I've eaten at Eastside several times because a few of my family members really love it, but I have never been impressed with the food. I got Eggs Benedict with suspect Benedict (it was a long time ago so I don't recall exactly how, but it was... off) and essentially everything else I've had there has been okay but nothing special. I know a lot of people adore it, so maybe I'm just missing something.