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Sep 17, 2013 03:58 PM

Advice on Romantic Spot for Marriage Proposal

Ok, romantic chowhounders, I need some assistance. I am planning on popping the question to my gf. Thinking about doing when I take her out for her birthday dinner next week. It is the one thing that will distract her from the fact she is getting older! Anyway, I want some feedback on places to go. We both appreciate good food--I was in the business for a long time. For this occasion, though, I think the surroundings are more important than the food. Having said that, the food must still be on par. So far, I have thought of T. Cooks, A Different Pointe of View (Hilton Tapatio Cliffs Resort), and Elements. I could also splurge for Kai. One wrinkle is that it will be during restaurant week. You thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks!

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  1. Is Quiessence back open yet? They lost their chef but the grounds are beautiful so you could pop the question somewhere more secluded. Not sure how the new chef is doing but he also runs The House at Secret Garden which I've always enjoyed.

    Also, how exciting, congrats!

    1. Whether you eat at T.Cooks or not, the grounds are very lovely. There is a small enclosed garden (I think it may be called The Alegria Garden, but am not certain) which would be perfect for your proposal. Certainly you could arrange for champagne to be waiting for you, it is also possible to have a private dinner there, if you would wish it. Of course I am prejudiced since we were married at The Royal Palms some years ago. The wedding was flawless and I cannot rave enough about their staff; this from someone who was also in The Business.

      Back to the topic at hand - call to arrange a tour just for you.

      NB: Quiessence, when it reopens, will not have the same chef as Greg LePrad (?) left in June.

      1. POV for sure cant go wrong with that view. BLT at the Camelback inn is nice as well, or maybe elements at Sanctuary

        1. Though there have been ups and downs, over the 15 years that we have lived here, we recently dined at Different Pointe of View, and have to say that they were "hitting on all cylinders." Our server took a moment to warm up, but then everything was in sync.

          I would think about a dinner there, but then with an "interlude walk" to that patio, where the entire staff would be in on the proposition - the proposal, and have two flutes of great champagne, delivered, then the servers would disappear. Do the proposal, then after the tears, the hugs, whatever, return to the table, with a rose on her plate.

          Just thinking,