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Sep 17, 2013 03:55 PM

Lunch Specials in LA

I know Border Grill in Santa Monica offers a deal for $10 and TOT in Little Tokyo has a great bento box.

What are some of your favorite lunch specials in LA?

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  1. Mo-Chica Peruvian cuisine $15 for 3 course meal.

    1. Shamshiri Grill on the east side of Westwood Blvd. a long block north of Santa Monica Blvd. Huge plates with one skewer of koobideh (I like the lamb) or kabobs or a big serving of shawarma, served on a big mound of excellent rice, with a grilled tomato and veggies, with a choice of salad (I like the sharazi). All this food for $7.95-9.95++.

      1. The lunch combo at Zam Zam market consists of a plateful of chicken Biryani, 1 pc. Tandoori chicken, 1 pc beef kebab, sides of Lamb korma and chicken karahi or vegie dish of your choice and best of all, a freshly baked Naan bread.
        With this much food, it is actually shareable for two. Amazing food at an excellent deal of $10.

        1. I am generally happy with the 1/2 sandwich and cup of soup combo at Clementine. I think it also includes a cookie or soft drink. Price is around $10.00?

          1. I haven't been there in a while, but the $19 three course lunch special at Joe's on Abbot Kinney in Venice is a pretty good deal.