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Sep 17, 2013 02:42 PM

Trader Joes OR Costco finger foods

Any ideas?

Want something easy for a party and have not really tasted much of the finger foods at either place. Cept for the mini chick pot pie bites from TJ's.


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  1. The turkey wrap "rollers" from Costco are popular. Each is 2-3 bites. The cranberry cream cheese holds them together well. TJ's phyllo bites with feta and caramelized onion are packed with deliciousness. A friend gets raves when he bakes the TJ tarte d'alsace and cuts it up into two-bite rectangles.

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    1. re: greygarious

      2nd the mini wraps, they look and taste great, Also, from the frozen section spanakopita, mini pigs in blankets, chic fingers etc are good for parties.

      1. re: greygarious

        Another thumbs up for the turkey wraps.

        Recently went to a potluck where I brought the wraps, too much OT to really have time to cook. I was kind of worried since many of the guest were making foods from scratch.

        Everyone seemed to go for the wraps first before the homemade items.

        1. re: dave_c

          Yes, they are really good - they are on the shopping list for tomorrow.

          I seem to remember some sort of sweet cream cheese - someone mentioned here cranberry - didn't know that even existed.

          1. re: toopie28

            Ingredient list includes cream cheese and cranberry (or cranberry sauce - can't recall).

      2. From Trader Joes we get the spanakopita, Parmesan pups ( mini hotdogs in pastry), mushroom turnovers, and the mini tacos. Enjoy them all. Though the mini tacos do taste better with toppings.

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        1. re: viperlush

          When we serve the mini tacos, we put a couple of bowls of good salsa and many spoons along side.

          The Pastry Bites with Caramelized Onions are good too - just bake them a couple of minutes longer than advised.

          1. re: nikkihwood

            Yeah we serve them with salsa, sour cream, and guacamole ( if we have some).

        2. TJs has more variety. We like the mushroom turnovers, pork shumai, mini tacos, black bean taquitos, and arancini balls. For chilled items, the hummus with a bag of their pita chips, the 7 layer dip, and the sundried tomato torta served with crackers are always hits.

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          1. re: boogiebaby

            I forgot about the arancini balls and pork shumai. They are also family stables. I like that they sell a mini 7 layer dip. Perfect for two people.

          2. All great ideas - thanks.

            I forgot about the mini tacos - they are yummy!

            1. For Costco they have really good stuffed grape leaves. The prosciutto wrapped mozzarella is good. They also do have things like the big shrimp platter with cocktail sauce. Not my fave but popular at parties. They have some nice sliced manchego cheese trays. The mixed Italian meat trays and the cheeses are always good. Little smokies in a crock pot with Stubbs BBQ sauce. Veggie tray with dip is... well a veggie tray. Fruit bowl.. is fruit bowl.

              The Costco smoked salmon is good and a good price the wild sockeye lox is also excellent.

              Around here they have Crunchmaster gluten free crackers and Crocatini for a great price if you want to do cheese and crackers.

              They usually have a baked brie that you can warm up at home. I'm partial to the fromager D'Affinois or the Delice de Bourgogne cheese.

              In Seattle they carry a good organic hummus. A good layered dip.

              They have freezer stuff, too. The mini quiches are popular and the taquitos and things like that are okay but the fresher items at Costco are better quality overall.

              If you don't mind some assembly the they have pretty good pretzel slider rolls and the Kirkland pulled pork is good... a little BBQ sauce and pulled pork on the slider rolls would be good for a party.

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              1. re: knowspicker

                I wish my Costco had the baked brie year round. Mine only has it around the winter holidays