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Sep 17, 2013 01:37 PM

Sakura House

I've never been before.

Any thoughts ?

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  1. I haven't been, but its on my list due to the overwhelmingly positive reports from this board. Grilled skewers is their specialty. Take Servorg's suggestion: go to the main page of CH and enter "Sakura" in the search box. Lots of feedback.

    1. I love Sakura House. You'd think it's kinda one note if you just go with a bunch of different maki, but it's all really good and there are other things on the menu to break up the pork madness. Rice balls, crispy chicken addiction, chicken wings, ground pork rice bowl all help to round out my visits there.

      Freaking love that place.

      1. I have never had an outstanding meal there, but never a bad one either. Completely reliable for tasty, traditional Japanese grilled items, and not overpriced. Now that you have reminded me about them, I'm going to have to visit again.

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          Now that Horon Kushiage has closed, we have more time on our hands.