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Sep 17, 2013 01:22 PM

What can I do with smoked pork jowl?

I bought a whole one, it's about a pound. I've used up half of it as lardons, and don't really want to do pork and beans. Also, I've saved the strips of hard rind, what can I do with them? Can/how do I do a no-carb cabonara with the strips of skin?

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  1. I'd cook some greens (cabbage included) with them . Southern or Asian recipes with rice or noodles .

    1. You can cook up a pot of greens with that hog jowl. I'd do kale, but mustard, turnip or collards are more traditional.

      As far as the hard rinds, could you cook them down to make pork stock? I do that with the hard rinds from a ham.

      1. split-pea soup

        Petit salé - lentils cooked with cured ham, carrots, and onions - a favourite at our house.

        1. Diced turnips cooked with the greens seasoned well.I would then add cornbread batter on top then lower the heat and cover.