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Green Bay Packer Bar

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I am looking for opinions from you locals in the Phoenix area about Packer bars there. I know of a few, but looking for YOUR opinions.

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  1. Red Onion famous green chili cheeseburger is TERRIBLE and the place as a whole is pretty bad

    slow service, hard to get beers, terrible food - however they put every game on the Packers place in the spot, and most seats are reserved when you walk in there, very much a dive bar

    Buffalo Chip Saloon is in Cave Creek and too far North for me to bother with but I have heard good things about it

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      OK I thought they might be a place to go but guess not - so how to you feel about Casey Jones ?

      1. re: Dapuma

        So do you go to Casey Jones ?

        1. re: Whamsey

          Have not been to Casey Jones