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Lunch around Rittenhouse Square

My boss (also very good friend) and I will be working at a client in Rittenhouse Square on Thursday. We will be staying in town and meeting up with her husband for dinner. We are going to Il Pittore and I am very much looking forward to it. I know it is a bit on the pricey side and she won't let me contribute to dinner. So, I want to take her for a nice lunch. I was looking at Smith & Wollensky or Devon Seafood Grill. Any opinions or other suggestions? No sushi and we want to keep it fairly light - in anticipation of our dinner. Thanks!

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  1. Between the two I would take the Devon Hands down.

    If you want relaxed atmosphere, Lukes Lobster Rolls would be a casual place with some nice seafood but may be too casual for what you want.

    Dandelion has salads and such that could work for you.

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    1. What about Tria? It's definitely a different (more casual) atmosphere than the 2 you mentioned, but it's a great menu for a light - but delicious - lunch.

      1. Smith & Wollensky is definitely not the place for a light lunch.

        1. Devon.
          Nice atmosphere, good hot cheese biscuits, and some light appetizers, salads, etc.
          If the weather is pleasant, you might choose to sit outside.
          Definitely not Smith & Wollensky.
          We like Tria, but I think it is too casual for this lunch.

          1. Parc, or Rouge sitting outside would be nice. I hesitate to recommend a.kitchen as I have not been there since the menu change. Matyson does a decent lunch.

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                If you are thinking about Devon walk a few blocks and go to the Oyster House. You could have oysters and a light lunch...

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                  +1 on he Oyster House...love the place, unique!

              2. We love both Parc and the Oyster House.
                The reason I suggested Devon is because it is not as noisy.
                If the noise level doesn't matter, then either of these places would be fine.

                We have friends and relatives who come in from the suburbs and love Devon. We live in center city and tend to head down to Passyunk Ave unless we are attending something downtown. Great to have all these choices!