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Sep 17, 2013 01:21 PM

Lunch around Rittenhouse Square

My boss (also very good friend) and I will be working at a client in Rittenhouse Square on Thursday. We will be staying in town and meeting up with her husband for dinner. We are going to Il Pittore and I am very much looking forward to it. I know it is a bit on the pricey side and she won't let me contribute to dinner. So, I want to take her for a nice lunch. I was looking at Smith & Wollensky or Devon Seafood Grill. Any opinions or other suggestions? No sushi and we want to keep it fairly light - in anticipation of our dinner. Thanks!

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  1. Between the two I would take the Devon Hands down.

    If you want relaxed atmosphere, Lukes Lobster Rolls would be a casual place with some nice seafood but may be too casual for what you want.

    Dandelion has salads and such that could work for you.

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    1. What about Tria? It's definitely a different (more casual) atmosphere than the 2 you mentioned, but it's a great menu for a light - but delicious - lunch.

      1. Smith & Wollensky is definitely not the place for a light lunch.

        1. Devon.
          Nice atmosphere, good hot cheese biscuits, and some light appetizers, salads, etc.
          If the weather is pleasant, you might choose to sit outside.
          Definitely not Smith & Wollensky.
          We like Tria, but I think it is too casual for this lunch.

          1. Parc, or Rouge sitting outside would be nice. I hesitate to recommend as I have not been there since the menu change. Matyson does a decent lunch.