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Sep 17, 2013 11:56 AM

Best Spring Rolls?

I love the ones at Upper Crust. It's light, fresh and the dipping sauce is good. I've had ones from Whole Foods and Central Market where the noodle or skin or whatever us used to wrap the roll is hard and chewy. Upper Crust is perfectly consistent.

Any suggestions for other good ones to try?

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  1. A chewy wrapper means it's old or old enough to be exposed to air and dry out. A bad spring roll is one that uses iceberg (IMHO).

    Try an actual vietnamese restaurant - Thanh Nhi, Tan My, or Lily's Sandwich.

    What type of protein do you prefer - boiled shrimp, boiled pork belly, or charbroiled meats? Sometimes the filling dictates the sauce and obviously, the flavor and texture profiles.

    Thanh Nhi has an amazing version called nem nuong (1B). a seasoned piece of meat/sausage, crispy cigar, fresh herbs, lettuce, cucumbers, and shredded pickled veggies with a warm, slightly pungent, non-peanut based sauce. add some sambal to the sauce.

    1. My favorite Goi Cuon in town are at Sunflower. I have had the Nem Nuong at both Thanh Nhi and Phonatic, and they are also very good.