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Sep 17, 2013 11:39 AM

Last Person Posting?

suddenly it seems that the name of the last person to post has disappeard on anything older than a few (3?) days ago. Have i been asleep and never noticed this, or is this a permanent change? Why?

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  1. I think that started with the last big site update about a year or more ago...

    1. You can still see the name of the last person to post if it's older than 3 days... when you go into a thread, you will see X replies. And right beside, it will list "Latest [date] by [chowhounder]".

      What I find really annoying and not useful at all is that when I run a search for a term, the thread comes up, but the term may not appear if it's buried under a "reply" in which case, I usually don't have the patience to click open all the replies to locate it if it's a long thread. (But now it appears this has been fixed...)

      1. If you're referring to the message index view for each board, this started with the site design rolled out in December 2012. This was objected to in the preview version in this now locked thread starting here,
        and also after implemented in another locked thread here,
        Some very valid objections were raised that have gone unanswered.

        The explanation seems to be for legibility. But the trade-off is that this feature chips away at our sense of community and I hope that this can be reversed. Chowhound is not just a restaurant review site nor a food discussion board, it is a COMMUNITY. Our discussions are threaded, one can reply directly to another individual to engage in dialog, when you post here you are talking to people, not just tossing a bunch of words into an archive. Having the last poster's name fade away detracts from our ability to do those things and we're the worse for it.